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December 12, 2014

Rainy x Ilocos: More Sea to See

Half a year later I still haven't finished my Ilocos series. I'm still trying to decide whether or not it is soooo me. Who is me anyway. I mean who am I lol. Or who are you. Yeah, who are you? I might not know me fully, but I sure as heck don't know you. Just kidding. Maybe I do. *wink wink*

I'll try to remember as much as I can. Here is a photo from the Patapat bridge. It's a part of the tour, although we basically just park the bus on the side of the "road" and have people run all over the place, taking pictures.

I actually regret not having my photo taken. I went inside immediately because it was scorching hot outside.

View from the edge of the errrrr whatever you call it.

Then we had lunch at a beach in Pagudpud. To be honest I dunno which came first, lunch or Patapat. Hahaha.

I also cannot remember whether or not we spent time in another touristy place, but blah. We had dinner at some seaside restaurant at the Blue Lagoon.

It was a long walk but I had my boyfriend with me.

He looked like a kid lol. I had him wear my Rilakkuma backpack.

I had lots of fun trying to make out what the cloud formation looked like. At first it reminded me of Ariel's father. Now I'm thinking it's some king of dude lying down with his errrr tongue sticking out.

Hi there, wood.

Boyfriend's father. He's the one who invited me to the trip.

Errrr some cheesy stuff. We uhhh found a heart-shaped rock. I wanted to bring it home!!

Well, this is the ice cream shell we made by errrrr no. I'm thinking of a very explicit word hahaha. Maybe not very, it's more scientific so shall I say it here? We made it by intercourse-ing two shells together. Hahaha.

I honestly didn't know what to make of this place. I was looking forward to swimming in the sea that day.

Dead and dry coral reefs?

Bon appetit!

People were having fun. At least I think they are.

It was getting late and the dude finally stuck his tongue back in and now we're seeing his nose lol.

So there. I didn't get to eat seafood because I'm not supposed to. We swam in the swimming pool instead, because the resort and the villa we stayed at was a good 20-minute walk to the sea. Damn. I had my beach bag ready with my chic lit!

The year is almost over and so is this series. I think I should file fuck loads of vacation leaves at work so I can start working on my new layout and eveything.

Just to tell you what's been happening to me:

I got into watercolors lately.
I watched Kimbra live.
And I'm still a procrastinator.

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