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December 24, 2014

Rainy x Ilocos: the End

I just did one of the stupidest things I have ever done publicly: the previous post. Now, if you scroll past it and go to the one before that, you'd see that I had already fucking blogged about the same fucking photos. WTF RIGHT. It goes to show how I rarely visit my blog these days. I'm not gonna delete it though. Nah. Hahaha. This is my funny and fail-y Christmas present to you guys.

The aim is to finish this series once and for all before 2014 ends, because I hope to make changes to this blog next year. Like, changing my layout. And finally using my real name. Dunno.

So this is a tiny zoo owned by some politician. I didn't enjoy this because our usual tour guide was replaced by this woman whose name was not Janice, and god she was so annoying. It wasn't just me, it was everybody in the bus. Woman doesn't know PR.

A grumpy parrot.

Rilakkuma takes the skies!

I find this a bit avant garde-ish. Hahaha. Dunno. Reminds me of a Vogue spread.

Hi there mini horse,

So much for avant garde.

After going to the tiny zoo place we went to Vigan. Oh no. Now I'm not so sure... it's been so long already. I'm pretty certain this photo was taken after we had our lunch, though.

The Quirino mansion.

I knew it! This photo should've been first on the list.This was taken during lunchtime.

This piano wasn't working well though.

I was very excited to visit Vigan as I have never been there before. The farthest I have traveled to in my own country was to... where... Nueva Vizcaya? Yup. See. Most of my foreign friends have been to Cebu and Mindanao lol and I live here but I don't even go out. Oh well.

My hun and his chikara hat.

I don't know how to take straight photographs!

Oh god I hate looking at this photo. I'm so OC omg. How can I be OC if I can't even straighten my own photos!

Ha. Ha. Hi there Niko.

I wanted to ride the horses but Crisologo St. doesn't stretch too far. And I'd rather browse the shops!

Time for some dirty ice cream!

Of course Vigan is famous for having the old Spanish aesthetics. Story has it that it the city wasn't touched at all during the war because a Japanese general (or other high-ranking official) fell in love with a Filipina. I should know because I was at the press screening of Iliw hahaha but I think we left the theater early and didn't finish the film.

I'm kinda disappointed because the popular street is somehow... I don't know. There are modern shops there. Some buildings still have their original parts but some restaurant did some renovations, and ugh I'm having a hard time trying to say this. It's like they're trying to hard to put the street back to how it looked before, but are obviously failing at it. We can't help but let modernization creep in, what with the crumbling structures and peeling wall paints. And try as they might, the renovators can never put it back to what it was or how it looked like. I just find it sad.

My durteeeh ice cream!

Very weird position.

Nom. Nom.

So. Applause for Rainy! I have finally finished something I should have half a year ago. What took me so long is my procrastinating attitude. And you can also blame my day job for affecting my blogging life. I have, for so many times already, thought of deleting this page to start fresh again, or to not come back at all.

But then again this is the only space where I can look back to almost everything that had something to do with me.

The current year is passing and a new one is yet to come. I really hope things get better.

Merry Christmas.

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