Rainy Martini

July 17, 2014

Dum dum dum

I'm hungry as I type this. A very angry typhoon hit my country yesterday. I think it's called Glenda. I don't know really. I never watch the news these days. Well, power was mostly out yesterday, and our streets flooded. The winds were very strong and many trees had no choice but to errr uproot themselves because they could never bend like a bamboo. Or whatever. I feel sorry for those great trees that fell though. I'm taking a break from my Ilocos series. Lazy ass me. So these photos were taken sometime last month or last week. It doesn't make a difference, does it?

I know I know I know. I don't know what's straight and what isn't.

Macaron ice cream. Or the other way around! Dark chocolate.

I really like Chez Karine's shelves. We often go to that place idk why. I have yet to try their Hokkaido cupcake.

Salted caramel for the other one.

And... MEET PORKCHOP. No he's not my child lol. He's my nephew, and he was so fucking angry at me in this photo. He was trying to get past me out the door but my legs captured him, and my phone captured this image of his angry face and my sad, sad thighs.

So I took the baby to his "crib". Edible, eh? I think people should fund this awesome idea of mine. Edible cribs. For lazy babysitters who don't wanna get up and feed the baby. Edible. Crib.

Oooooofff, someone wants to go out.

Big voice coming from a very little body. Don't worry, I took him out and hugged him after.

I went to Pico de Loro with my boyfriend's family two weeks ago and I was supposed to blog about it, but I stupidly deleted all those photos I took! Including my favorite couple selca! I wanna cryyyy. Good thing I uploaded the selca in question and now you can see it here.

I'm hungry so kthxbai.


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