Rainy Martini

February 07, 2014

Happy Happy Things

Two paydays ago, I updated this blog. And now I'm doing it again! I was supposed to work on a photography app review but I got discouraged when I couldn't come up with an awesome-looking header image so I'll put a hold on it. And oh I think you've been seeing THAT dreamcatcher image everywhere. Hahaha. I love love love it sorry. You can't stop me from posting it. Nope. Can't. So, my week in photos eh?

I bought this copy. This flawless sexy hard (bound) copy of Darren Shan's work for only Php 50! It's like a dollar and some change. Quite a bargain but it's an insult somehow. Like why would you put a great writer's book on sale? Good deal though.

My copy of Lang Leav's poetry! I never thought her work will be flown over here so I was thrilled! I've always supported her during her SOYA days. I got familiar with SOYA when one of my favorite photographers received an award. Anyway Lang Leav will be signing copies tomorrow and I will be there too with Niko. Perks of having a geeky boyfriend.

This was taken on my birthday. I don't know why it's in this collection. But what's done is done. Uploaded is uploaded so here ya go. Hahahaha.

I spent my CNY inside a crowded mall and ate macarons. For the record, we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant so there you go. And I burned my wishing papers and incense and placed offerings on our altar during midnight. So I didn't not celebrate my CNY.

Meet Lemon Schniket! I don't know how to spell his name but he likes Lemony Snicket. And photobombing.

Forgive me. I've always had problems with straight lines. Explains why I don't take good shelf photos. Like I said, I've always had it. When I was in kindergarten I had all the crayon names from Crayola's 64-color pack memorized but I couldn't even tell the difference between circle and oblong with ease. I could play a Mozaty sonata but not... that. I don't think I flunked my geometry though, did I? No.

Lemon meringue. I bought this because I thought it kinda looked photogenic but I don't know. It was very lemony and I think it was Lemon Schniket's fault.

Mint chocolate and red velvet.

Caramel fleur de sal!

He/She likes my meringe tart.

Hot cocoa! This is not your normal hot chocolate. It's a hot hot chocolate. I looooved it.

And my inferior drink didn't quite make it to my heart.

Chez Karine, the pastry shop where we went to (I should've mentioned this earlier though) also sells cereal milk pudding!

Nyam nyam nyam macaron nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam nyam nyammmm nyam nyam nyam! Nyam!

The inside of the jar! I don't think I even edited this photo before I placed the overlay over... there. I don't know I don't know don't ask me.

More often than not, Niko and I do some sort of Battle of the Drinks. Or Who Has The Best Drink contest. We've been doing it for a year now so I figured I should tale it seriously and write a blogpost dedicated to it. What do you think? (Of course I won't get a response. No one reads me huhuhu)

And the winner for that day was him. Like I said I didn't like my caramel drink.

This is a tiny mochi ice cream keychain! He gave it to me two days ago ♥ ♥ ♥

Finally, meet my cousin! No no no I mean my nephew. Gosh I keep forgetting. We call him Porkchop because he's fat and tall for a four-month-old. And he's a total troll. Look, the young man learned to adjust his stache!

So I guess this is the end of it. I'll be heading over to Niko's workplace later to celebrate his mother's birthday.

But wait wait there's more!!

We will be doing a Fantasy Festival for Earthings! along with some other writers. Fantasy Festival is literally a fantasy festival for us. If you could produce your own music fest, who would your lineup be and why? Of course us music geeks would looove to have our artists flown over here. Tough luck though. My lineup includes indie Korean music though!


  1. If you're reading this, contribute! The Fantasy Festival thing has a "people's choice" stage and I'm collecting comments. So if you have one, pleeeeease ;)


  2. Anonymous21/2/14

    Hey Rainy! :)
    I used to be a follower before I deleted my blog so now I'm just a lurker I guess. x3
    I wanted to know what you used to click the pictures in this post, and also which preset (or any other way) you used, to edit them. :] Hope I'm not asking for too much haha

    P.S: I love love love your blog :3

  3. Thank you thank you for liking my blog! As for the presets, I mostly used Falling Petals, Milky Way and Warm Tea. Sometimes I mix them with Cirque to add more shadows. I appreciate your comment <3


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