Rainy Martini

January 14, 2014

Seven Hours

Just bear with me. Two nights ago I had a scary allergic reaction to god-knows-what. Perhaps I accidentally ate nuts. Or the milk I drank was almond & honey flavored. I don't know. But I had a massive breakout and was taken to the clinic even before my work shift started. The nurses, thinking I was having DOB assumed it was because of the allergy (IT WAS THE FREAKING STAIRCASE! How can you breathe properly after walking through that!?) and injected me a whole vial of some drug called rabaphen. I am also allergic to that drug as it turns out. Like is this some kind of a cosmic joke hahahaha. So here I am, not feeling like myself and practically a zombie. So yeah, bear with me. I changed my mind lol I don't wanna be a zombie because I assume they stink like fuck. Some other creature that cannot properly think. That also smells good. Yeah, I'm that.

Come to think of it, I am allergic to the anti-allergy. Granted, I was asking for a loratadine and they didn't listen. I don't knowww.


...we sat inside a Starbucks branch all afternoon waiting for his dad. Well, his dad. He sat for seven hours in total, two of which were spent waiting for me and finishing his drink. It was his/her 25th birthday five days ago but we celebrated it a day after in a Korean restaurant called Soga Miga.

My only meal so far.

Hypocrisy: we're more of a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf people, that's why he got me their planner. But hey, who could refuse a v. v. chilling mocha frappé?

Nyam nyam nyam cream nyam nyam nyam.

I seized the opportunity to look for stock photos from his library so I can use them as samplers for my color shop!

Don't you just love my macaron-filled charm bracelet?

Gift time! He didn't want me to give him anything but of course I wouldn't allow that! So I took a little trip to a Muji branch and bought some stuff. Secretly. At least that's what I thought. As it turned out, I mentioned the gift to him myself!! I am the epitome of epic fail.

Verrrry careful not to rip the wrapper.

I KNOW HAHAHA I KNOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Muji had this little booth where you can customize your notebooks or paper bag purchases to your liking with stamps. Those stamps proved to be so hard to use. It's the kind of stamp that you kinda push and has a very think border-like thingy. I was scared the letters might overlap so I ended up having a... mess.

The contents might not look special to you but they were actually a revenge of some kind. I mentioned it on one of my December 2012 posts, where we had a tiny gift exchange. We weren't together yet back then. And up til now I still don't know why the heck I asked him to have an exchange with me. Hey, maybe I had like a secret crush I didn't want to admit to myself. I mean we only met online. Then in some sweet-sickening turn of events we ended up dating until now. Makes sense right? Or not. I don't care! I'm a person and I make another person. I don't like making sense!

HAHAHAHAHAHA TO MY CAPTION ABOVE. But people make people! Senses make sense. Makes sense right?


Little mister expert looking all expert and expertly. I'm whispering now: he didn't get to do it right! It looked like a sleepy crane. Just like what he did last year, when he gave me the Christmas origami set hahaha. It was a, in his own words, retarded star. So revenge revenge my sweet revenge.

I'm not posting my beloved sleepy crane here. It's mine mine mine.

At around 4, we got up and met with his dad and drove to Alabang to meet the rest of his fambam. Then came the Soga Miga dinner. I love love their bean-rice. Whatever it's called. My tiny mission to make him eat a giant piece of samgyeopsal did not happen because I was kinda afraid of his mom who commented that the first piece I gave him was too big. Anyway, food is food so you can't say no. Unless it's seafood, I guess. I mean I'm allergic to seafood. I think I'm allergic to 90% of the foods out there. Thank gods and goddesses chickens don't do much to me or else I will definitely dhey of starvation.

And a Kuma-ful couple shot for you! I stole this picture from his dad's facebook post. ♥


  1. A belated happy birthday to Niko!

    (And you should stop buying LINE Camera stickers. They look pretty, yeah. But don't you have a lot already?)

  2. A LOT?? No I don't! I don't have them all yet how can you say it's a lot. HAHAHAHA.

  3. Thanks, Shawn!

    I didn't know you can customize your notebook covers. Should've done that the first time, dammit!

  4. I think it's kind of like a new feature because it didn't exist the last time we went there.

  5. Good point. I did see the stamps when I bought Christmas gifts there though. Shang branch.

  6. Awww both of you are so cute.. I mean with the Kuma's beanie and all.
    I only tried CB&TL once in my entire life. My life is wasted with Starbucks T_T

  7. You have a very cute site :) would you like to exchange links with me? Please let me know!


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