Rainy Martini

November 01, 2013

Some dinner...

Happy Novemberth! I mean November first. I'm turning twenty in two days which is what, awesome? No. For my boyfriend, yes. Somehow he's bothered by the fact that he's dating a teenager. Hahaha. He's twenty years my senior so I totally understand. Ok just kidding. He's only 24. Hahahahaha.

My friends would love the fact that I am ageing as well. And oh it was Halloween a few hours ago. I didn't wear a costume so...

AW YIZZZ!! Tell you what, all I want for my birthday is either my favorite triple decker cheesecake from CBTL as shown below or Starbucks' oreo cheesecake. Somehow I find chocolate on cheese... yummy.

"Why do you always hide your face?" I've answered this fuck loads of times already. I don't think I'm pretty. That's what.

So if your mind is green (uhuh uhuh) you will spot Kuma's nipples. They're turning purple. After all, it's almost winter somewhere in the world.

Pasta time! We ordered errr... ribbon pasta with pine nuts and blue cheese. Note: I AM ALLERGIC TO NUTS. And every single person I know is against me eating them. But I succeeded that night!! I ATE PINE NUTS. TAKE THAT YOU STICK IN THE ASS FRIENDS WHO DON'T WANT ME TO DIE. Hahaha. I love you.

...and this is my portion. I know it will make you cry.

My evil girlfriend's mission is to make me eat as much veggies as possible.

By the way, this all happened in the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Bistro (or something) branch in the east wing of Shang-ri La. I was in love with the prints on the cupboard surface but Kuma photobombed!!

The pasta was. Well it wasn't worth the price quantity-wise, so we had to order fried shredded potatoes I think. Hahahaha. See I'm terrible at naming foods. I'm only good at gobbling them.

We sometimes hate selcas. So this is an obligatory selca complete with a cheesy doodle brush.

I have an awesome post coming up. I don't know when help me. Sooner or later I guess. Anyway, MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 3RD.

Just saying.


  1. Oh but you're very pretty, poppet. Very.

  2. It's rösti‎, hun. But I enjoyed it more when I tried it in Singapore, hehehe.

    I have to find you a really good restaurant when you can eat your veggies. :D

  3. I am constantly being naughty and eating food I know I shouldnt. But its always the stuff that is bad for you that tastes so good. Whhhyyy?! Its not fair. I hope you have a lovely birthday :)


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