Rainy Martini

August 30, 2013

The Case of the Missing Pieces

Of course I like pretty food. I was having a nice conversation with my good ol' high school pal. He said I could go to the place where he works (a five-star hotel) and he'd give me pretty pastries I could take photos of! I was like YAYYYY. YAAY FOOD. YAY FOOOD. Then worry flooded me when I realized those happenings in the past... caught in photos...

IHOP, March 2013

Spotted: brown bear with a poker face stealing a strawberry from my crepe. He was pressured by Korilakkuma, he said. She, apparently, loves strawberries and red fruits.

Cafe outside my high school, June 2009

I treated my friend Jazmine fancy chocolate shakes and one of my white chocolate sprinkles went missing...

SM Aura, August 2013

I was on a date with my boyfriend and we took a mirror selca on the rooftop, upon double checking the photos... sigh.

The French Baker, August 2013

My boyfriend took me out for lunch after my shift. One of my macarons vanished.

Starbucks, July 2013

Out on a date again, when my raspberry ice blended drink and the bread mysteriously disappeared.

Maple, June 2013 ; Quezon City, April 2012

I think my butter ran away from me ; The first case of Rainy's Missing Strawberries was filed.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery, August 2013

My half-finished red velvet cupcake got eaten up by the earth. I think.

Cara Mia, May 2013

I met my hun's parents for the first time. I think I ate one of the chocolate toppings early. There was no way it could just disappear!

Makati, August 2013

I was chilling out and eating a box of chocolate-covered macadamias. To my horror, one of the chocolates in the display went missing as well. The Box even made a panawagan to the TV in case anyone saw the missing piece. The disappearance broke its heart and it still weeps up to this day.

I think we all know whose fault this is.


Edited using LINE Camera and Photoshop. I used the sticker sets Rilakkuma, Funny Box and Siamy the Cat. They're not for free but you can get them at a cheap price. I used the PSD set Elise and curves Falling Petal, Martini Girl (free download), Cirque and Arctic to color the pictures. All of them are available at my shop.


  1. This is so funny, Xiao Yan.

    A part of me thinks you shouldn't have given me your presets. I would've but them! #troll

  2. Ooops. A typo. "I would've bought them", I mean.



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