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August 01, 2013

Of Macarons and Men

I originally didn't want to write something in this post. I wanted to throw photos here and there and put some lame one-liner at the end. But my previous post is already lame, so I figured I owe you guys a caption. Ish. We've been gorging on macarons lately, I mean I've always loved them because they're so pretty and I like how it's crunchy for about a millisecond before it becomes chewy and blaaahm, heaven. But yeah. I'm listening to Miss A's "One To Ten" while writing this by the way.

Pinky: you ok dude? | Mocha: still hangin' on, pink. You're fat eh.

The most accessible bakeshop that sells macarons here is The French Baker, sure, some cupcake shops offer them but we're too lazeh to roam around and look for alternatives. I love the rose-flavored by the way.

Niko found this inside Fully Booked Alabang. I introduced macarons to him and he seems to enjoy it. What.

Look, even Kuma wants some!! As a matter of fact, he does. But we ate everything before he could nom one lololol. We have an instavid to prove our point.

Martini pose with Macky the macaron, why not? Ok I just realized that I look like a fucking duck... wait... oh wait. No. Wait wait wait. Hmm... because if you think of Donald Duck's bill and... maybe if it wasn't tilt-shifted, no? I mean... wait. I know I'm confusing you. Wait. Just bear with me... wait. Ok stop waiting. I don't get myself anymore.

Beats me.

An actual picture of me writing a free verse on Niko's planner. As a pair of writers (and me being a "writer" hahaha), we have this tradition: I write a verse for him every time we meet. I don't exactly know the point of doing that. We haven't decided yet.

Niko, Mr. Journal, Stitch and some late night reads: Moranthology by Caitlin Moran and Playing the Game by Belle de Jour. The latter is about a high-end prostitute and she's a legit blogger. 'Nuff said.

But the Book-that-Made-Me-Squeal-and-Cry Award goes to... Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish by David Rakoff. Niko gave it to me not too long ago. You see, we have this passion for satire and humor essays. We both love David Sedaris and we most definitely love the late David Rakoff as well. This is his last work of literature which was published posthumously. I was touched (not that kind of "touched") when he surprised me with this copy because I totally did not expect I'd get my hands on a Rakoff. Not in this country at least. I mean, a famous local bookshop sells some of his works, but when I went to one of their branches to surprise Niko with a copy, they just made me climb the stairs saying "sa third floor po ma'am meron," and when I reach the third the staff there directs me to the first floor. And when I went back to the first floor, one of them told me to wait. I never heard from him since. Oh fahk what if the books ate him? Okay now I'm guilty. Lol.  (Okay after typing "posthumously", Chopin's Nocturne no. 20 in C# minor started playing in my head. I had always associated that term with Chopin because that Nocturne was published the same way. And it's my all-time favorite. (Ok I'm totally lying. Every Chopin piece I play becomes and all-time fave so what's the point? Haha) (Also, Niko wrote a blogpost involving me. Click click here)

Me trying out the white chocolate pudding at Starbucks. "You pay an extra 40 pesos for a tasteless white gloop at the bottom of your cup." Well, true.

Alpu and Kuma selca-ing with a macaron. They got jelleh with me.

So there you have it. I didn't realize that it's already the first of August. So there you go. There you have it. Macarons, books. And people.


  1. Those macarons look super delicious, I've always wanted to try some!

    Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

  2. I'm craving those macarons now thanks to you. xD Also, the book sounds interesting. I never heard of it before. I'll add it to my list once I have my own spare change with which I could purchase my copy. :)


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