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August 16, 2013

Hashtag Herakut

Exactly a week ago, I went out on a date. I knowww the blog is turning into a date diary of sorts. But can I help it if it's the only happening in my life? Not that I'm complaining. If you've been reading my blog since forever, you'd notice how often I posted about the outings I had with my friend (or sometimes best friend lololol) Nel and other folks. That is because they were the only ones I got to hang out with at the time. I don't go out much. Anyway, I went out on a date with my girlfriend. Gasp. Did I just type "girl" hahahahaha. I DID NOT DO IT ON PURPOSE OKAY. I didn't know I had a girlfriend hahahahahaha. We've been dating for eight months now. I think. Bwahahaha. Also, I had just posted a Facebook status saying "Everyone who texted me between 12AM up to this hour had received a reply saying "RAINY IS AWESOME". Hahahahahahahaha."

Neko, my girlfriend, picked me up at around 10, and then we drove to Bonifacio High Street to check out the newly-opened SM Aura. It was pretty boring. Had breakfast at Toast Box and I got some kaya on my toast! And some cream cheese too.

His breakfast looked like tofu but it's bread ok. Hahaha.. Tofu bread bread. Oh and there's my egg soup. HAHAHAHAHA. Just kidding. The cooking folks gave me some poached egg that looked like... well, soup.

Okay now I'm hungry.

Put some peppah on yo soup~

Then we climbed to the rooftop and checked the "gardens" out. Also, I just realized that the picture would've looked pretty if Neko did not photobomb. KAHSDKLASDKSKFJ.

Two of meeee. An OOTD or a UFOD if you please. These are two different pictures. Also I wonder why I look fatter in the left pic. If there's an OOTD/UFOD of course I should complete the set with my NOTD...

...in black and white because I'm a fucking troll and I want you to wonder what color I used for my nails that day hahahaha. Hahahahahah I'm so evil.

This is my POTD. Or Plants Of The Day.

ROTD? Oh shut up, Rainy. Oh my god I totally suck at writing captions. I may look as if I'm trying to be funny and shit but I'm not. I'm literally writing what's in my mind right now. Random: I wanna eat shredded corn with cheese powder. Help me.

Kuma, the king/queen of our world. Still undecided.

For some reason the iPhone was being a bitch and flat out refused to focus on that lovely little flower I saw on the roof garden.

Hehehehehehehehehehehe told you I'm a troll.

Blueberry sundae from McDonald's. I didn't like it but at least it matched my clothes. Also I just realized that I looked like a smurf next to my girlfriend.

I am not a Smurf!! Also this is the type of picture where I should type some annoying cheesy captions like "Let it go..." or "Falling in love is a gift..." or shit. Hahahahahaha right right? To make it cheesier, I would....


Okay maybe I am. Smurtini. HA! Swaaag. The advantage of hanging out with someone who can literally take nice pictures of me (and the only person in that department) is that I can pretend-model and see myself inside the picture for a change. I'm kind of tired of being the photographer every day. There was a time when one of my friends mistakenly sent me a text message saying: oyy let's ask rainy to come so we'll have nice pics! That's pure evil.

Welcome to Wonsters Inc.!

Hipster-y scooters. Because why not?

The highlight of the dayt! High Street means Fully Booked, our church. We get high from sniffing those lovely books and die of lust because there is no way we could spend $1000 buying books in one day. Anyway, we didn't know there was a live painting event by Herakut, a pair of internationally acclaimed mural artists from Germany. They met in Spain, they said. And they've been painting walls since, they said. Here are some of the works inside the store. (I was typing so fast and for a millisecond I was torn between 'date' and 'day' and subconsciously got the word 'dayt'.)

We, being audioheads, headed to the music section. Then I made a beeline for the kPop section and was like "SIWON OPPAAAAA" when I spotted a copy of A-CHA. He wasn't at the front cover and when I flipped it.... HUHUHUHUHU. CRYING UGLY TEARS MAN. My girlfriend was like "FULLY BOOKED IS ON MY SIDE BWAHAHAHA!!" See he's a really jealous girlfriend. Hahahaha.

Spot the difference. We were waiting for the event to start and had to charge. So White Hat.

It looks yummy but I don't really like chocolate on froyo. I mean, they just don't go well together. At least for me. I'm addicted to yogurt but I prefer berries on it.

Ta-daaaaa!! Hera and Akut being introduced.

They slammed "beauty" on the plain white walls of Top Shelf, the design section of the bookstore.

Man, I'd love to have those on my own walls.

Nothing much was going on except for, well, the painting part. Well what do you expect? It's a live painting event! Hera was really outgoing and entertained the crowd from time to time. I wasn't bored because I am passionate about art. But at some point, it had gotten very fume-y because of the spray paint and I needed some air so my girlfriend and I went out.

Came back after thirty minutes and they were halfway done! There's this thing how the two artists worked with music. They have a whole bunch of songs they play while working. Neko and I being, well, audioheads did what proper audioshoulders would do. WE SNAPPED A PICTURE OF THEIR ITUNES PLAYLIST HAHAHAHA. Neko tweeted a close-up version on earthings!'s twitter page. It was fun looking at the tracks on their list. They got Tears for Fears, Lisa Mitchell, The Doors, and Bob Marley among others.

The transformation!! I wanna cry.

Akut's bit finished!! Hera was the one who always goes up the ladders and scaffolding and stuff. And Akut, I ripped this off Neko's blogpost, admitted that he doesn't really like heights.

Hera going "TA-DAAAAAAA!!" literally.

They chatted with the crowd for a few minutes, snapped some pictures and signed some stuff. Hera and Neko talked about stuff on TV. We also got our planner signed!!

She likes babies!

There. We had gotten so tired from walking around. It didn't look like it but we had to walk faaaar to get from one place to another. It's the end of this post. It was an awesome day and we got home early, around 6PM I think.

Wow. There's thirty something pictures in this post alone! But then again, my blog had been in a lull for fifteen days straight.

Now if anyone's wondering where Kuma is......

.Curves used in this post: Martini Girl (free download), Milky Way, Isabella, Falling Petal and Warm Tea.


  1. waaah! such a long post! ehehe! i have all those presets. yeye!

  2. I see legs. Hmm... delete it??? Nonetheless the photos are nice. You can't call it a date diary if there is no couple selfie. So no. :P

  3. But there is a couple selfie, Shawn. She just hasn't posted it. :p

  4. Isn't that the point? No pic, no date diary :P


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