Rainy Martini

June 28, 2013

"We all get the slip sometimes everyday..."

"...I'll just keep it to myself! In the sun, in the sun." That's a She & Him song called In The Sun by the way. I've been listening to it for so long and I still love it; especially the intro! Wo hen love!

This is a long overdue post, well, most of my posts are weeks late anyway. Like, I think I have a great set of photos taken when my workmates and I went to an outing. I believe there are somewhat good photos there. It happened on the 6th of June and I still haven't gotten my hands on those photos. Crap.

Well, no hurry. No hurry. I'm gonna sit around like my Shappo dust cap, looking pink and... fat.

Wow. Awholebodyshotofme!! Like I rarely post a full photo of my face. I mean who wants to see my face lol. And to think that I still have fresh scars from last year's chicken pox!

Not sure if I look taller or shorter in this photo. But for the record, I think I'm 5'1" or something.

I was walking around some mall's park with someone's boyfriend (okay he's actually mine hahaha) and...

MOTHERDUCKER IT'S A DUCKING DUCK! Sooo cute so cuute I wanted to hug them lol. And those ducks were so mean too! Bottomline is I got bullied by a duck. I think the write term should be "duckied". Geddit? Geddit? Why do I have to be the person who makes the lamest "jokes".

There's like a cave between my boobs lol. I look fatter in this shot but then again, who cares? I think Kuma does. Oh, oh. There's a whole LOT of Kuma Chronicle videos to come in the next weeks and months!

Oh right. Yeah, the purpose of that day's short outing was... okay there wasn't a real purpose. I mean, I didn't originally plan to like, be there. So I had no purpose but Niko did. You see, he was meeting up with his friend Ericka. It was my day off from work and I was headed to the mall to do some shopping by myself (I bought some dresses heehee and yes I like shopping alone) when he suggested we meet up as well. There. That's how I pinned myself into the scenario. Wait, it sounds mean. But yeah.

Another bottomline is I got to meet her as well! She's this lady in black with an orangeish hair. Waah I had to leave the laptop for a few minutes because my mom's friend's baby was crying heehee and I had to carry her to her momma. Sho cuuuute.

You might be asking yourself, "why does she have to include that in the post!?"

Well I don't know. I blog what's in my mind and I don't don't edit. Basically.

Kuma takes a selca.

He then bended over in an attempt to kiss me to no avail...


G-Dragon: whysosee-rious?

It looked as if she was trying to say something serious, a matter of life and death and there I was trying not to laugh.

A group shot.

And my plushies actually stole our drinks. Gah. Ah yes, I love tiny plushies!

Another round of nonsense brought to you by none other than Nonsense herself, Rainy.


  1. Nice photos! Looks like tons of fun (:


    Sounds like you had fun! ^^

  3. That photo of you and Icka discussing "something serious" -- you're talking about Xiaxue.

  4. @Niko hahahahaha really hahahahahaha

  5. Anonymous28/6/13

    Instead of "right" you typed "write". I bet you didn't even notice! And if you did, you just left it as it is. I love your honesty in all of your posts.


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