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June 10, 2013

Curren...cy. Currency. No, current.

Aloha! Aloha ha ha ha! What I miss the most about blogging is getting to post about the current events, but since I haven't had any free time in the past three months, I had no choice but to show you my old stocks. I didn't go to work today because I had to bring my mom to the hospital, so yes it's *Lily Allen voice* 4 o'clock in the morning, conversation got boring... hahaha. If you don't know that song then blah. Screw you. Or me. Nuuuuu. Just kidding, just kidding. Anyway it's 4 in the morning and I photoshopped for like ugh 30 minutes. Then I spent another 5 minutes sequencing these photos and another 10 to fix the codes. I am quite stingy when it comes to img codes, I want my images consistent. So here they are, my current shots!

Think I own le cam isit? No. It's my workmate's. I bought a Lenovo phone a week after getting my beloved Samsung stolen at my workplace. Now, a lot of people have been asking me if Lenovo phones are good or blah. Thing is, I don't wanna say anything. Yes, I'm not too happy about my purchase.

The camera is... well. The camera will be okay if you shoot under the sun or a similar lighting. If not then boo, keep the phone because you will get the noisiest photos. With a 5MP camera specification I had expected something akin to iPhone 4's, but blaaah.

Something is always better than nothing though. Usually.

This is from my first ever OOTD post hahahahaha. I'm not the type who would take vain selcas and outfit photos then post post. I'd rather take a photo of something in front of me. Anything. Anything but myself. If you're calling me a hypocrite because you're seeing selcas below then go... to 7/11 and buy yourself a hotdog sandwich! (I was gonna say "then go fuck yourself" but that's ruuuude.) I was taking photos of... I WAS TAKING PHOTOS OF THE MIRROR. SEE!! Mwahahahahahaha!!

Seriously though. I take pictures of myself every now and then. What? I'm a teenager. Mwahaha.

I'm a lover of blurry shots. If you're into the same thing as me, you'll love the Lenovo P700i I just bought. One good thing about low-quality cameras is that they take good light shots. Does it have something to do with the lens being unable to pick up light quickly then babablah? Of course it does. I can answer my own question. I'm a freaking genius!!

"I'm preeetty!!!!"

This is I'm Pretty's archived copy of Archie. I think it's her friend's. Not sure. Anyway, the cupcake in the background was really scary. It's like a smores cupcake. Thing is, it kinda made me gag because it was too sweet!

This is I'm Pretty and this is Nuuuuuuuuuu.


I think I just got lazy. The photos below are random randoms.

I see this poor kitty every morning on my way home from work. I feel a pang in my chest every. Single. Time! Like what normal master would actually leash their cat!? This baby kept jumping around and stuff. Of course I had the urge to release it and maybe bring it to the shelter. But it was just an urge.

Poke my Pockys!! I bring these to work. Usually.

A huge check mark for Rainy Martini because she's finally posting about recent times.

My desserts! Classic apple pie from McD's and... and you won't believe it. The other is actually a red velvet cupcake that my friend Ellia baked hahahaha. It had a chocolate-flavored frosting that (for some reason) hardened in no time so we had to remove the top and eat the cake itself. Hahahaha. Niko said it looked like a chunk of roast beef. Meh. I still love Ellia's baking.

So there. I miss doing this thing. And you know me, when it comes to the end of the post, I literally fall flat on my keyboard typing non...lasjdk. Nonsense.

I posted a new color on my shop called Falling Petal. I've been using this one for sooo many months now and I really didn't want to sell this but... shop.rainymartini.com/2013/06/falling-petal-curves-6.html

I have quite a few plans for myself. Either I would save up and purchase a DSLR (I know I've been saving for it since I started my shop but hahahaha) or an iPhone. Buying a camera means I can attend more pictorials and get commissioned more. But getting an iPhone will allow me to bequeath my new Lenovo phone to someone and play games and awesome photography apps.

There were days when I'd give everything to go back and not be financially independent. But meh.

Rainy swag on. Heehee.


  1. Anonymous10/6/13

    i like your humor i like your sarcastic sentences! yung mga banat mo sis! palum-palo! galing. clap clap.

  2. oh my god, that poor kitty ; ~ ; why was it leashed anyway? that's just so cruel

  3. by the way, omg i seriously can't believe that you've actually stumbled on my blog /cries
    i've always loved your blog it's like so freaking beautiful /cries some more

    gosh i'm so weird haha
    and oh, i didn't know you're a fan of Onew? are you a fan of SHINee too, by any chance?

  4. Hi Rainy n.n cute name hahaha! not sure if you don't have a tagboard or i just can't find it... ~_~ anyway, thanks for visiting!

    the cola lip gloss tastes so nice :p

  5. Nice shots! and oh thanks for dropping by in my boring blog. HAHA

    Your blog is quite interesting!~ *o*
    Followed <3

  6. smells like fun!


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