Rainy Martini

June 15, 2013

Colors & Wishes Giveaway!!

YES! Rainy Martini is hosting her first giveaway ever!! I mean my first giveaway ever. Why am I talking about myself as if I'm another person? Why is Rainy like that? Anyway enough about her... I mean, me. Enough about me. Today is the day I evolve. I'm hosting my first. Ever. Giveaway! I didn't really want to host one because... hahaha because WHAT IF NO ONE JOINS? That's the ultimate epic fail man. But then I thought, whatever. So anyway, two lucky readers will win $35 worth of colors from my shop, Colors & Wishes!!

First things first, "What are Photoshop colors?"

"Colors" are photo-editing presets that give some kind of desired effect. It's like an Instagram filter, only better because you have more control with these. Now, my store specializes in dreamy and vintage-y colors that most netizens love these days.

See for yourself. These photos are my own, taken using different cameras in different times.

Those are my best-sellers by the way. You can see more by visiting my shop. And oh yes I will upload more curves as the time goes by.

I've been uploading actions and presets for years on Deviantart (ha. Some of you even recognized me from there omg) and I just opened my online store last year. This is a way of thanking my readers for still being there always.

Everyone can join and this is open internationally. (Exception: those people who I've sent some colors to for reviews are not eligible to join... I mean you already have them lol)

Just enter by following the mechanics on the Rafflecopter widget below. You can gain points by:

Following this blog. You will automatically get 10 entries and this is mandatory.
Following me on twitter.
Writing a color review. A review about the freebies will work too.
...and many other options to choose from.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You should provide accurate information because you will be automatically disqualified. I will monitor the entries.

The winners should respond within 24 hours or else I will pick new ones.

Again, thank you thank you so much for being there. Good luck!


  1. Name: Jubilee Macatangay
    E-mail: mhyrr_xhieh18[at]yahoo[dot]com
    Blog url: http://myxilog.blogspot.com/

  2. Finally a giveaway from you! Ive been wanting the curves and psds from your shop. Its amazing!

  3. Name: Anna May
    E-mail: aurevoirdarling@hotmail.com
    URL: byedarling.blogspot.com


  4. Name: Asyillah Aisyah
    E-mail: ilyshira@gmail.com
    URL: pantheraleoness.blogspot.com

  5. Hi Rainy Martini. Watta cutey namey! Tehee! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. ^^ You are running on giveaways. Well, goodluck and I hope more bloggers will join on you!

    PS: Do you have CBOX? -_-

  6. Annie Zhang

    The pixie dust preset is so beautiful ♥

  7. Karla Motol

  8. Rhea Gulin


  9. Nicole Woo

  10. Name: Apriil
    E-mail: apriil.asuncion@gmail.com
    URL: simprilcity.info

    I definitely wanna win this ❤

  11. Yiru

  12. Name: Shutari
    E-mail: neko_tail at yahoo.com
    Blog url: http://shutari-x.blogspot.com/


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