Rainy Martini

January 18, 2013

Dark are the patches

dark are the patches
that cover the scars;
long forgotten
skin and bones and
wishful thinking
and blood
rushing through
the veins.
"shadows are light,
shadows that dare to follow"
and the contour of
the face;
dye it maroon.
colorless skin and
no veins.
no life that rushes and
no one at all.
dark are the patches
that cover your
name, dark are
the voices that
call it a game.


  1. Ahh Rainy. Hope you will post more of your works! They're lovely!

  2. Anonymous19/1/13

    I found you through my batchmate Nese's twitter! Great work! And I see that you also know Henrik. My sibling knows him, too.

  3. @Anon thanks! errr may I know who you are please??


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