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December 15, 2012

My Week in Photos

I didn't go to work today. There. I ate nuts last night and my skin is now puffy. Liek a marshmallow! Well uh not really. Super itchy though.

My week in photos! I will start with last night, of course. Taken with my annoying phone and edited only using Instagram (Rise & Willow). Nope, you won't see most of the photos on my profile though.

Selca taken on Monday, and I bought a bunch of carrot-flavored cupcakes!

Last night Janine and I went out again! I think the last time we saw each other was about 13 days ago. It was actually a last minute meet-up because I was already heading home. Thank goodness I took a roundtrip in the MRT and was waiting at the Taft Ave station when I got her text.

Last night was so funny. We both didn't have much money (lol so much for book shopping) and we were so hungry, also, it was getting late! Hurray for popcorn vouchers!

The focking popcorn was like 4 inches tall though. Eh.

Inside the bus.

Look, my wrist. SKELETOR OMG. I was giggling while taking that photo because of the angles. There's a shot where my wirst looks so focking chubby. Choco-cinnamon doughnut from Dunkin.

By the time we reached Dunkin' Donuts, we were already hyper. We kept saying silly stuff like movie quotes  (from the Dark Knight lol) and we laughed, laughed. I also spammed Niko with text messages that say, well, more movie lines. We went home at around 2 in the morning because we didn't notice the time!

Dafuq. It was so scary I'm telling you.

The reason why we were penniless!! A SIGNED COPY FTW.

Ta-daaaaa! As promised a few days ago, I visited Gel's booth at the Ayala Triangle Gardens after work! This also happened last night. I'd always wanted to buy from Hodge Podge because, well, just because. It was hard finding the booths, I mean, I'm me. I'm supposed to not know where to go most of the time so yeah. Walked around for twenty minutes, said hi to familiar faces before finally reaching the tiangge. Then I had to walk around the area twice lol 'cos yeah, I'm me. Finally, this pretty girl gave me a flyer then my eyes spotted the bottlecap accessories! I was like, "Are you Gel!? Rainy!"

I purchased that keychain above. For only Php 100! Anyway, what's fail is... AFTER TAKING PHOTOS, WE SAID BYE. I ALMOST FORGOT TO PAY HAHAHAHA.

The scene went like this:

"Byeeee!" (walks two steps then turns abruptly)

And they forgot about the payment as well. Uh so embarrassing.

My first meetings with blogger pals are so fail. When I came to see Ate Bam, uh.

She was like, "Rainy!" and I was like "Ate Bam!" and we were walking-skipping-waddling towards each other. It would've been a perfect friendly hug had I not tripped over my own feet.

I tripped over my own feet.

Damn it.

Melon in the office!

Oh oh I envy this stranger's hair. We were on the terminal waiting for a jeep. And I couldn't not steal a shot of her sexy chignon. A photo of me taken yesterday morning. Yeah, a ponytail. Very unusual for me.

This is my little brother, Sherr. He thought it was funny because my online friends kept send me photos of them imitating my pose (hair (or anything) covers face except for the eyes). I'm gonna post the photos in the future. Lol Lionel. Lol Heidi. Lol Aaaaa.

And finally. We got to the last part.

Last December 8, I exchanged gifts with Niko. (I think the ice blend photo was taken about three or four days ago though.)

We had dinner at Toast Box. Yeay for horlicks and Hainanese chickeeeen.

I gave him a loool Rilakkuma plushie and I received an origami set. Probably to troll me? Errr, I don't think he knew about my geometry weakness though.

Up 'til now I haven't folded a single fucking art out of those pretty paper. Hahahahaha damn it.

A pretty long post. Happy Saturday!


  1. hi focking rainy, today is a forking day and i'm forking sien, sien because of forking work and forking busy weekend, no weekend for forking life like this.

    So hi again, focking rainy, sincerely, forking me.

  2. Funny how you find the time for an outing. Do you guys take only one hour to meet?

  3. Xiaoyan's got a, dare I say it?

  4. @jaclyn may the fork be with you!!

    @shawn hahahaha ikr, the outings always happen after work tho so yeah, only for a few hours. like two or three. hehe. WHAT!? XIAOYAN'S GOT A WHAT. SHUT UP

  5. I think you're an undercover endorser of a popular shampoo/ conditioner brand. Like you'll go one day "Uhmm hair smells good, try @insert company name" hehe

  6. I won't say anything, sweet pea. :-P

  7. Raaaiiinnnnyyyyy! I'm back ^^ I;ve never got the chance to meet a friend from blogger D: The camera Hodge Podge looks so nice <3 They don't sell Hodge Podge here ;__;

  8. YAY!!!! YOU REMEBERED ME :DDDD *giggling creepily to self*
    I'm not good with doing my own hair, only at messing with other people's hair :O


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