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November 12, 2012

Inspire Monday: Artworks by An Lai

I realized how I've been neglecting this Inspire Monday thingy. So here's another one for the week:

An Lai of sketchone.net! I discovered her works through Tumblr. I was glad when she gave me permission to save the images of her artworks and post them here! Thank you An, I really love seeing them on my own page.

Read a little about her... I actually copy-pasted this from her About area. Lol.
You can call me by my name An, or Sketch. I am the best of both worlds. I take the form of a shy girl however, on the inside; a cynical person. I like long walks on the beach and strolling in the meadow. That is where I often find unicorns of many colors…As you can see below, I am a very photogenic person. I enjoy friends and company, but I also like to have time for myself because I am fond of calm and quiet environments. I am a neat and tidy person and sometimes I can be very lazy even when it comes to art, sadly. Drawing is something I like to do while listening to music or when I am in a happy or bad mood. Drawing for me is like writing. It helps relieve my stress and emotional build up.
She's from the USA, and her artworks are looooove. I especially admire the traditional paintings because....

BECAUSE TEYDADDY! I was so thrilled when I found her blog because she drew the Korean artists that I love!

Bae Suzy of Miss A, and Gain of Brown Eyed Girls.

There's sexy G-Dragon, and Tablo.

I don't know much about her, but judging from her choice of artkwors, she seems to be YG-biased. Heehee. An accepts commissions, do check it out! The prices are really really reasonable and worth every... uhm, paintbrush stroke?

She also does digital painting.

Ahhh maybe when I receive my first pay I could commission her to do some artkwork for me, too. I want I want.

You can all see her works when you visit her blog by the way!

I gotta go now, thank you for reading and don't forget to comment!


  1. Hey Rainy! It's An from Sketchone. I'm glad I was an inspiration to you and your readers as well. Thank you~!



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