Rainy Martini

November 22, 2012

I got fried, like a french fry

I met up with a male online friend! Male. It's kind of a big deal because I don't usually agree to meet up with guys. See, I've been talking nonstop to Niko ever since I got a job, mainly because he works in an office, too and/or he thinks I'm awesome (which is totally true hohoho). Some of my readers who are in the area actually messaged me and asked me out to lunch! I agreed to meet some (hi there Ate Bam!) and we had fun. What's weird is they called me Rainy, which is, again, not my real name.

But here's my number, so call me Rainy *suicide*

It's my fault! So I have to learn how to respond to my public name. I'm still not prepared to come out using my real one, and won't it be weird if all your life you've known me as Rainy, then one day I tell you to stop calling me that because I'm actually [toooooot].

You can read his version of the story on his blog, it's like we're doing a collab post or something. In my opinion, he made the night sound boring. What actually happened was a lot of laughs... and torture!


He treated me some fast food though, which makes up for the two-hour martyrdom that I had to endure.

Oh god I changed my mind! Don't read his version of the events, he used the same photo above and it was unedited! Haha. And uhhh, his writing is definitely better than mine (he calls it historical revisionism), SO NO DON'T READ NIKO'S BLOG. HAHA!

My out-time was 6:30 PM, he was in the area since morning because he had to attend some sort of media or political event in a hotel, twenty minutes' walk from my office.

What's cool is he spent around four hours waiting for me. That is just so nice, because if it were me, I would've texted "HEY YOOO I'M GOING HOME LOLOL YOU'RE TAKING SO LONG BAI".

Or not, but I probably would. Judging from his post, he was getting pretty bored already, and to think that I requested that we meet outside Forever 21! Hey Niko, not my fault you got stuck in a girl's heaven, never did tell you to come in or roam around. Your mind, your fault. Ha.

On a serious note, I felt guilty and touched. But, again, it all changed once the torture started. Hahaha.

I don't think I should say what kind of torture I had to go through lmao.

I didn't get to take much photos because the camera he brought was, from his own words, shitty. It's not entirely true. The photos are only bad because of the light! And the colorings are actually compatible with my presets. I had to gasp upon seeing the transformation. Another reason, HE WALKS SO FAST. As expected from someone who is 5'11. And I'm only 5'2.

Once, via Skype, he told me that when we take a photo together, we should cover our eyes, a la rape victims shown on the news. LOL. I answered something like "can you CTRL+SHIFT+I so only my eyes can be seen and not my face?"

You didn't laugh, did you? It's actually a joke! It's a joke ok, like a joke only my readers and fellow photoshopers can understand. (Re: my selca poses, I cover everything with my hair except for my eyes)

Walk, walk.

Arrgh I forgot to take a photo of the Andrew Collins book that he lent me. We agreed to exchange books yesterday. I lent him my all-time favorite Spinelli: Stargirl. I don't usually read a book twice, but Stargirl broke my heart and made me cry so much I had to read it again. And again. I only stopped last year, and my copy was buried among my other treasured favorites on my bookcase.

Two hours later we were heading home, it was getting late. He dropped me at the train station.

Train again! I hate MRT ok.

I'm going to sleep now, I'm so so tired.

Good night.

PS, don't read Niko's version.


  1. Anonymous22/11/12

    Praise someone sarcastically while being funny, Rainy does that.

  2. People will always love torturing you, dear.

  3. Anonymous23/11/12

    me either not to used to meet with the guy from online world :) but sometimes it's good to make a new friend.
    anyway lovely blog and writing just enjoy it. wanna do follow/link must be great :D !!

    twitter/instagram : @putritanita

  4. Hi. Can you teach me how to put that permalink on my entry?

  5. Haha, the way you tell a story is so cute, now I am guessing if you're younger than me, but you already have a work in an office hmmm. very mysterious. =)) haha!


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