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November 11, 2012

How to Save a Life

OH MY GOSH. Ooooooh my goodness.

One minute I was complaining of having too much time in my hands, of boredom, of having nothing to deal with. And now... and now I barely have time for myself! I work Mondays-Saturdays, 8:30 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. I leave home at around 6 because I'm so scared of the MRT passengers! The lines are so thick and people are ALL rushing to get in. For some reasons, though, I always manage to slip in. Heehee. So damn afraid of wearing flats, though. My poor feet might get trampled! When I ventured the train station on my first day of work, it was steamy and everyone was starting to get irritated. A spacey train wasn't just coming. But it did. I rushed forward, just like everybody else. I always didn't make it because one woman shoved me out of the door!! Like she really pushed. Me. Out.

Rainy Martini was appalled, Rainy Martini said "FUCK you" to her face and stepped in, my wedges barely missing her feet.

And the worst thing was I lost my allowance for that day! I'm not sure if I dropped it or someone slipped her hand in my pocket inside the train. I was starving during lunch break, and Niko even offered to give me fifty pesos LOL. I felt so touched and a bit shy loooool. Thank chocolates my boss lent me lunch money. He's a really nice old man.

I'm still contemplating whether or not to tell you this.... uhm... ok fine. Last Friday was the same as every other weekdays in the MRT. Not for me though. The train accelerates, yes? People standing in the isles try to defy the force that beckons lest they fall, yes? One girl fails. Anyway, we stood face to face, and as the train lurched, she jerked forward and accidentally gave me the first girl kiss of my life.


"Shit," was all I could say. I mean it wasn't a full peck on the lips, just a few centimeters on the left. BUT STILL. We were both very embarrassed and she was apologizing again and again and again.

What can I say about work? Hmm. Not much, I mean it's too early isn't it?

One thing, though. I was culture shocked. I'm not new to being a new girl. I transferred like six times during my school years. But this is different. For one, I am the youngest inside the office and my workmates are like 30 plus or something. I feel awkward because I don't know the goings-on inside... (original parts of this bit was removed!)

Another thing, I'm sick as hell. My throat hurts and I've been having fevers since the interview.

I was desperate for a laugh because I never did smile since Thursday so I met with Janine yesterday after work! I nearly danced when I found out that we only work half-days every weekend! Yeayyy.

Christmastime is coming. The giant Christmas tree at the Araneta Center had been erected already! It's standing tall and proud, probably thinking "Eenie meenie miney mow, when I fall who will I kill".

Ok corny.

Met at this restaurant called Karate Kid. Ordered chicken teriyaki, unlimited rice. I think I ate 4 cups because I didn't eat anything that day.

Shopped a few books from the thrift store!

I know right?


Final meal before we went home, McD's.

My friends are my saving grace.

I really really apologize for the lack of updates and replies! I'm quite surprised to see that my follower count had risen, though. Coooool. Thank you so much guys!

I don't have any idea how I'll keep things running here, since I reach home at around 9 or 10 and go straight to sleep.

I'll post the giveaway on Wednesday or Thursday. Meanwhile, you can browse through my shop to know what you're going to get if you ever win. Heehee.

My voice sounds like a duck right now.



  1. Again, first to comment.

    You really cannot avoid those many people at the MRT, no matter what time it is (okay, maybe unless it's really late at night, or if you're taking the LRT-3). So it's really a matter of squeezing yourself in. You'll get used to it. Just wear flats on the train. You don't want snapped heels because of the train rush.

    The girl kiss story is funny though. I wonder who the other girl was -- is she your age, or younger than you, or older than you? If it's the last choice it wouldn't be that awkward, hah.

    Also, it sucks that your Saturday hours are the same. I really cannot meet you at this rate (and give you fifty bucks, hah).

  2. Nice blog!!! i'm following you. You can check out my blog when you find time :)

  3. @Niko NOOOOO wearing flats are NOT sensible. My poor feet! and I wear wedges, not heels.

    thank goodness the girl was about my age, and if it makes things better, quite pretty. LOL.

    and I do have half-days every weekend. sorry if my writing was confusing. too lazy to rephrase, you know me. -.-

  4. Anonymous11/11/12

    You're so raw and hilarious! HAHAHAHA!

  5. @Anon Raw? As in... as in SASHIMI? Should I roll myself in a bowl of soy sauce? LOL. But seriously, thank you for the comment. I wonder who you are though...

  6. I'm late! It's good to know that you're suffering, dear.

  7. @Shawn o0o I look forward to seeing you lose your scholarship.

  8. Annita11/11/12

    Hi Rainy! If you don't mind me asking, how do you do the blurred circles on the first photo with a digicam?

  9. Oooh she's pretty -- I wish I was in your shoes, HAH.

  10. hhahaha you really said FU-Q to that lady? maaaaaaaaan, you've got guts. i respect that.


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