Rainy Martini

November 18, 2012


Greetings!! Today's a Sunday and I should be taking a rest. Well, I am... kind of. It's amazing how time flies so fast... this blog is more than one year old already, I've been employed for about one week, and it's... Sunday again! And it's my rest day again! And you're here again! And I'm here again! And.


Hmm, so how do I tell you about my week?

I wanna say it was half a disaster. Life in the office had gotten a bit easier, at least. It was hell on my first day because I was sick. Maybe that was why. I was just sick. I won't tell you about the train, though. Bet you're so sick of my MRT anecdotes. I just can't get over how hard it is to ride ok?

The highlight of my week is... hahahahaha omg wait. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. You see, I've been talking to Niko for days on end, and last November... wait, gonna check. And last November 15, he called me for the first time because he wanted to hear my duck voice (I was still sick). He called first, but I was still inside McD's, finishing the last of my meal while staring at the chubby little girl in front of me (and trying to spot the super cute manager to no avail). I couldn't hear a thing, so we ended the call and I went outside. Then I called him.

I am a reaaaal beverage fanatic, and I can't last a day without drinking juice or chocolate or whatever. So before heading back to the office, I stopped by at a Mini Stop branch (Mini Stop is a 24-hour convenience store like 7-11). We were still on the phone. I picked my drink, it was a can of Milkis. As I was paying for it at the cashier, I told him to "wait". Apparently, he didn't hear it. So he just hahahaha kept yapping at the other end of the line while I put the phone away from my ear hahahahahahahaha.

His voice sounded so animated I wondered what he was talking about. Or who he was talking to. Hahahahahahahaha omg.

When I put the phone back to my ear he was still at it hahahahahahahaha. I dunno it's just so funny for me.

Then I remembered, "CHOCOLATE!" and headed to the chocolates aisle. I talked a little, and tried to stifle my laugh because I didn't want to offend him. And that's when I fell flat. On. My. Knee.


I swear everyone froze. They froze! I was shocked but my smile was frozen on my freaking face. Got up immediately and went out. I whined, and tried to blame him for what he didn't do. Then he laughed at me. It was a funny laugh so I laughed as well.

But my mind was going "HOLY SHIT. HOOW. LEE. SHIT." It was just so humiliating! And to think that I looked as if I was proposing marriage to the standee!! A few minutes later, he blogged about it. A la journalist! LOL.

Shit dude. My knee went purple and my officemates laughed at me, too. So much for moral support. Anyway, my knee doesn't hurt anymore. Walking hurt in the next few days though.

Photo spam ahead! Yesterday after office, I went out with my usual friends! I was so sad the day before because I thought they weren't going to make it. And I was expecting them to come for so many days! I was so surprised when they texted "tuloy tayo!" Mwahahahahahaha.

Mustache face. Fail.

Rainy Martini, 19, snaps a selca with her best friend's sister, Janine, 17.

Loljk. Feeling magazine.

Of course we went to a Powerbooks branch. I uh, secretly snapped some photos of the books I wanna check out in the future. See that children's lit at the lower right? It was one of my childhood favorites! I was so surprised to see it there!

Then a few macarons at The French Baker. What's funny is I only bought two, and it took five minutes before my order arrived.

Two of me! Surprised to see a selca? Hehehe. I don't usually take photos of my face because I'm not photogenic.

Food time was... ugh. I hadn't eaten anything since morning, so it was my first meal. I ordered from Tokyo Tokyo while the rest of the girls bought Korean food. Kimbp, japche and bibimbap.

Ugh. I never never never want to eat Korean again! Talk about trauma. I felt sick after eating. Ugh.

We went to the park! The lights were so beautiful omg. This is actually a photo of Nel and her online friend Izy (ok IDK how to spell her name help!) I blurred it on purpose because... because bokeh.


"Hehehehehe" is my version of evil laugh ok?

I've been asked a lot of times how I create bokeh with digicams. Well uh it's simple. If your camera has an intelligent auto function or something similar, then you can do it too. All you have to do is shake the camera a little while hitting the shutter button. I do it to confuse the lens while it adjusts, hence the blur. I'm so brilliant omg. LOLJK. It's a chance-shot by the way, because most of the time you might end up with light streaks.

We walked for soooo many minutes. The park was dark because they put the lights out WHEN WE GOT THERE. You trolls! Ugh. So yeah, it was dark... and scary. So we joked. Not for children. LOL.

"There might be a rapist here."
"Or a killer."
"If someone rapes me I won't scream."
"Let's sleep here."

I won't tell you who said what. We reached Jupiter street, Janine knows how to get there because of the Korean restaurans. LOL. At the Wang Mart, Izy treated us some ice cream sandwiches! Guess which one's mine.


A group shot!

From left: Izy, Janine, Nobody, Janelle and Justine. Yeah, the three J's are sisters.


I'm sorry for the spam. Oh wait, this blog is mine. I take the apology back.

I hope it took so minutes before the photos loaded. I hope your browser slowed down upon opening my page.

Kidding. Or... maybe not. LOL.

Thank you so much for reading yet another crappy post by the way!



  1. I thought you had a photo with the baby.

    (evil laugh)

  2. I did! But it's on my sister's phone!! ;(

  3. POST IT POST IT. "This was me before Niko laughed at me to no end."

    Again, I sound like a freak.

    You'll see more of this freak Saturday. ;)

  4. Thelma18/11/12

    Wowwww!!!! Your words are so simply yet they made me laugh very much!

  5. @Niko noooooooooo. fugly face there.

  6. Anonymous18/11/12

    To Thelma: it should be "simple"

    To Rainy: no typographical errors today, good job!

  7. Good for you. And I'm late! That Anonymous person thinks he/she is a grammar police.

  8. I beg to differ. #creepy

  9. Anonymous18/11/12

    To Shawn: Fuck you.

  10. HOLY SHIT don't turn my comment box into a war zone.

    @Niko you'll beg to differ after begging to differ after seeing the photo.

  11. Anonymous: To quote Rainy martini, "Yes please". :-P

  12. @Shawn I said no fighting wtf.

  13. Hmm. I'll prolly see that photo when we meet, in which case the real deal will be in front of me, which means I will disagree with your statements entirely.

    Also, non-aligned movement member here.

  14. Anonymous18/11/12

    Shawn you rat's ass I hope you die and get raped by black people!!!! UFKC YOU!!!!!!!

  15. @Niko HA. We'll see :P



  16. Haha! I had fun reading your day's adventures :) One thing though, is the korean ice cream sandwich any good? :) It looks like shaved ice! Well, anyway, I like your blog a lot :) Following now!

  17. Anonymous19/11/12

    omg you're so pretty Rainy ;_;


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