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October 23, 2012

Musings of a First-time Studio Spectator

To begin, I'm not really a TV person. I'm very left out when it comes to the local TV scene and goings-on, that's why when I learned that my brother's best friend, Ira, became a contestant in a local talent search, I didn't know which channel to tune in to. LOL.

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Gaaah I was planning to update last night, but I post-processed the photos in a public place and people gathered around me as I edited the images I took that night with a Nokia C301 wtf. And I tried so hard to remember the thoughts I was having that night in the studio! All my excitement faded away and was replaced by annoyance. As soon as they saw who was in the photos, THEY JUST KEPT GAWKING. I even tweeted something a bit nasty before their eyes. Guuuuuh. So I'll try to piece my mind together for this post.

Last Saturday night was the last "live exam" of Artista Academy, and we went to the broadway studio to support Ira! She's known as Shaira Mae, so uhh if you watch TV5, DO VOTE FOR HER. Key in AA SHAIRA and send to 5656!!

Also, it was the first time I had ever been in a studio, first time being with a live audience so everything was a surprise for me!

When we first arrived, my first thought was "smaller than I expected, SUPER NOISY". I was ushered to the place where Vin's fans stood. Then we were shooed off lmfao because we support Shaira Mae. Hahahahahahaha.

The fanchants were wild and funny actually! And I counted myself lucky because the Shaira Mae crowd was the freaking funniest. Like, one time one of the guys yelled "Go Shaira! I love you Sophie!" (Sophie is her fellow competitor) errrr IDK why I found that funny.

Honestly, the phone took better light streak images. I was high up in the stands, seated on the stairway beside Ira's grandma, who kept shushing the noisemakers. I didn't want to zoom lest I end up with horrible grainy photos. So I had to make amends by turning it into a creative-lights-kind-of-shoot night.

When the finalists came out, I kept asking "where is she omg where is she", and to my horror I was cheering the wrong person. Hahahahahaha. I swear I should get new pair of glasses.

AND CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH I SAW.... Rainy's view of the stage:


I remember this... I was willing the girl in front of me to stop shaking her balloon so I could shoot a close-up photo of it, the stage as the background.

To no avail...

The words in my head are pretty robotic, forgive. For. Give.

Designers rushing to fix the stage while the girls were stepping out for their song number, an acoustic Nobody (Wonder Girls) with some singer guy I don't recognize (no offense! I really didn't know who he was). The guys sang a bossa version of Gangnam Style with Sitti.

It was a nice performance actually, if only I had a better eyesight.....

There's Ira, on the left photo.Then retouch, retouch before the camera rolled again.

It was fun, being an audience. We got directions from the staff, and to my lower right was the sounds panel. I got to watch the music-people do their thing with young eyes!

To be honest I was more interested in watching the cameramen work. (only because I couldn't see a proper thing on stage) Ooooh, how I'd love to get my hands on their equipment!

It was hard sitting on the stairs because people kept going down during break time. But it was a nice opportunity, JUST LOOK AT THE PHOTOS I TOOK. I loooove light streaks and motion-blurred shots! And to have them together in a single photo is... heaven. There are actually more but I'm not gonna post them here. Heehee.

The show ended. Eating time. Shaira Mae was swarmed by people when we got out of the building. I wanted to take a photo of people taking photos but I couldn't get into a proper position. Plus, the lighting was horrible!!

Shaira Mae crowd wore GREEN. I don't have a single green thingy in my wardrobe so... yeah. Teal.


The sky when we were heading to the studio....

Wow. The end. Almost.

I know I could've told the story in a better way, but I'm getting a bit behind schedule lalalalala. Behind.

Apologieees. Hees. Heeeees. I have to go soon!

We then went to Ira's place and yolo-ed after eating outside the studio! We ate on the hood of her car lolololol.

So there. Bye bye bye bye I'm soooo sorry about my messy words. Really.


  1. Aliyah24/10/12

    hi Miss Rainny, amazing shots. amazing.

  2. HAHAHAH I remember that tweet.
    your light streak is beautiful!!
    And of course I will join your giveaway (mainly because I want that b&w action and warm tea curve. LOL!

  3. Hi :D thanks for walking by <33

  4. How I love being in your blog! The effects and the layout is just fine. Love it. :3
    Oh. I never head of the TV Show because I don't watch TV that much as well. Ira is pretty la. ^^ Wait, is it a singing contest?
    Love the pictures especially the blurry ones! I hardly appreciate blurred photos but those are cool! ^^ I didn't know you're a Filipina until this post. XD

  5. BTW, Do you mind if we exchange links? If its okay?

  6. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  7. Wow, the shots are really fabulous rainy! O.O

    I want to go to a live tv show too, though I often have the chance to but I freak out on the idea of being called by the host on the stage. Nyahaha.


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