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October 15, 2012

Inspire Monday: InstaFaves part 1

One post ago, Inspire Moonday was born! Yes, moon. Lol. A week passed and I only managed to publish two posts, one was random and pretty useless. I should update a bit more frequently, don't you think? I was planning on a hiatus so I could focus on my shop and writing, but one of my friends said nooooo, because my blog is her daily dose of comical nonsense. The other just asked me, "Where am I supposed to publicly bully you then?" it should be easy figuring out who said that. Hint: go look at my posts' comment section.

That's enough inspiration for me right?

And speaking of inspiration.... (gosh I should saying that "I" word)

Instagram favorites.

I'm not that active, but I keep coming back because of these users. Again, fall in love.

Here are my three favorites from @brittneypanda...
I love the aesthetics of her photos, it's like seeing the world in time lapse.

@_theleftside's hair. I lovelovelove her hair... sorry but I lovelovelove it omg. Her photos are fairy-like, and I just love the mood I get every time I see her shots.

Sweet and girly photos from @lldollyll! I found her gallery when I punched in #cathkidston on the search bar. Hihi.

And finally... @gabrielleassaf. Who doesn't love her works?

...and uhh... for a bit of good measure (aka just to plainly ruin the mood), here are my recent uploads! @rainymartini is my username by the way. Rise is my favorite filter because it decreases the harshness of the photos I take using my crap phone.

Pets at home...

If you want to inspire me as well, you can recommend a topic for Inspire Monday!


  1. Anonymous15/10/12

    your style is so funny!

  2. Dear Miss Rainy Martini,

    I am very honored to have been quoted in this annoying post.

    Best wishes,
    Shawn Lui

    PS, what's that macaron-like thingy? Looks yummy.

  3. Very pretty and classy, love the look :)
    I follow you now!
    Really hope you can Follow me back on facebook ,twitter,and GFC
    love you dear :)



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