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October 29, 2012

I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal

The shape of your body should not be determined by our age. Don't believe what other people say, I mean I'm trying not to myself. Lol. I think we can all look youthful or mature, if we want to.

So... when they say "you're already 18, but you still look 12!" JUST IGNORE THEM. Some of us want to look our age, some wants to look younger... I wanna look just right.

And it won't be a problem, because as the post title says, "I Can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age with Wacoal!"

The amazing collection offers beautifying and esteem-boosting undergarments for women of all ages! Are you 35? 20? It doesn't matter. It doesn't.

Don't you just feel sexy everytime wear a flattering undergarment? I actually feel nice when I wear a nice-fitting bra, among others! I know people won't get to see it (the designs are nice, but for my eyes only loool), but it helps to know that I wear something that a) fits me perfectly and accordingly b) doesn't fail me (I actually have a bad experience with poor quality bras) c) lasts long.

It may not be obvious but the choice of your undergarment is important. Bras do not only support our breasts, they also shape our figures and help with our postures.

So here are my favorites among the 20s collection. A must-haves if you prefer half-cup bras.

The left photo, SA3221. Very sexy and looks just right for my age! I love the lacy pattern. Hee.

On the right, SA2355. It's a half-cup bra, and can be worn in so many ways! This fits me just fine because I want something dynamic for my undergarment. I love the pastel color and lovely pattern!

We can all be body beautiful if we want to. There are so many ways, and it all depends upon your choice. Hug yourself and let Wacoal hug your figures, too!


  1. I knew you always wanted to upload booby images on your blog! LOLJK.

  2. hahaha i diedddddddddd

  3. why did u die addie omg do do you need to be revived by moi? do say so omg omg please live. LOL


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