Rainy Martini

October 06, 2012

Day Out

Ahh, after a whole month of hiding behind open windows and whining over my chicken-pox-related skin flaws, I went out again! If you're a new reader here, you ought to know how I rarely go outside. I almost never leave. I'm a certified homebird. But if you're an old one... well please don't roll your eyes because I came out with same crowd. Lol.

"Buuut Rainy!! Whatever happened to socializing?" I know right.

Met with Janine. Nearest Korean Noodle restaurant. We originally planned to go see Perks of being a Wallflower, but the plan changed abruptly. Our plans always do.

Banana milk. No carbonated drinks for me.

She lent me a couple of books to read, too! She brought three when we met, and I brought another three home after I slept over at their place. It's quite a routine, you know. Me sleeping over for a day or two after an outing. It's like, when I go out, I don't wanna go home just yet. But when I'm home... it will take three unread books to coax me out! I was getting depressed because I haven't gotten myself ANYTHING new to read in the previous month.

Popular ice cream sandwich. Love love love the vanilla ice cream and sweet bean paste inside!

She also lent me a copy of Perks. I thought I haven't read it yet, but I realized that I did... a few years before. You see, when I finish reading a book, I rarely open it again. I don't understand why I dislike revisiting those familiar pages. Maybe reading the same thing twice doesn't make me feel the same thing anymore. Shrug shrug.. Exceptions include Spinelli's Stargil and Love, Stargirl of course.

"That shirt again!?" I know right again....?

We ordered samgyupsal, odeng (fish cake), and a bowl of super spicy ramyeon for Janine. I just ate half a bowl of rice, though. That's me, by the way. I mean the red shirt. I mean I was the one... ugh never mind.

I started reading The Sky is Everywhere this morning and I'd just finished it! It's sooo, sooo good. Kinda like Fixing Delilah, but... better. I might blog about it next time!

That's it for now guys! Stay infinite!

PS, so soooo sorry for the "temporary" blog headers. Been changing every now and then. I can't seem to create "the one". If you know what I mean.


  1. At the risk of sounding creepy, I'll make it my life goal to meet you in person.

    I take that back.

  2. Also, (second comment, yes,) I hate that infinite line. Annoys me to no end. No, I haven't read the book, but everyone is spouting it like it's an important life philosophy or something.

  3. @Niko HAHAHA LAWL LAWL. It gets pretty annoying if that's the case. But try reading the part where Charlie thought that... really awesome :)

  4. That was my copy you've read a few years back! :-P

  5. Anonymous6/10/12

    Hi Rainy! What camera do you use for this post?

  6. Nah, I still won't read Perks. Doesn't sound like my kind of thing (which goes for most, if not all, fiction anyway).

    Still making it my life goal to meet you in person. Not taking it back.

  7. The fish ice cream looks so yummy. And the noodles! Omg. I love korean noodles. <3

    You guys should have watched the perks of Being a Wallflower though. Awesome movie! :)

  8. I haven't read Perks yet, but I intend to watch the movie because of Ezra/Logan/Emma. Hopefully I'll get around to reading the book as well!

    I've never had banana milk before, I should try it sometime.


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