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May 23, 2012

A Late Summer Day's Swim

Reading a Shakespeare again.

Two days ago we went on a swimming trip in a small resort.

It was ok *shrugs*. I mean, I only know like 10% of the people who came (my kid cousins). There were teenage girls my age (or younger) and other families OTL.

We woke up at 5, and none of us really took a shower lmao. I mean we were going on a swimming trip, we were bound to get wet all day. That's the norm, I guess.

High up in the mountains! The weather was great, too. Partly cloudy, partly sunny, partly annoying. Annoying because the clouds kept obstructing the sunlight! I don't mind overcast lighting but I really prefer snapping photos under the sun. I'm in no mood to post, bah, no interest at all. But my photos are piling up (which is a good thing, Rainy, remember!?) and this one's going to be divided in two or three parts.

The room where we kept our stuff. Oh oh I just remembered something. The worker-slash-janitor-slash-lifeguard of that "resort" had gotten on my nerves as soon as I stepped foot inside! See, I didn't know coffees weren't allowed near the pool... BUT I WAS ONLY CARRYING A PACKET OF A 3-IN-1 NESCAFE BROWN AND HE FUCKING TOLD ME OFF LIKE A BEGGAR. Of course I retorted! You know me. Bwahahaha. There were a couple of irritating encounters after the powdered coffee incident but what irked me the most was what he wanted me to do while I was deflating the floating rings. The light outside the room (just above the front door) was turned on. He walked towards me and very, very rudely he asked me to turn it off.

I replied with "Me no gusta, fuck off". So the nice man (my deflate-le-floating-rings-mate) who was obviously feeling nice because he might be nice in real life turned it off.

All I could think of was "What. The. Fuck."

I didn't know you could order your guests around like slaves.

Some random girl's Domo backpack. I instantly remembered Carle when I saw it. I miss you dudie!

I didn't take this photo. Hihi. Thank the stars my hair was curtained around my face, who knows what my expression might look like while this photo was being taken! Scary, so please don't even think about it.

David and Cat. I was annoyed with David when I took this.

Shiloh throwing a tantrum.

My breakfast! The spaghetti looked expensive in this photo mwahahaha but if you look closely, it was on a styrofoam plate.

More kids walking down the stairs. Well obviously. Oh, I haven't described the alleged "resort", have I? It was uh... hmm, it was situated up in the mountains and to be honest the outside looked crappy. But once you walk down the err stairs, it was pretty. The view, I mean. There were so many stairs going down, of course. Stairs to this pool. Stairs to that pool. My only comment is if you're too drunk or too excited to try each pool, you could die. The steps could get slippery. SO WHAT IF I GOT DRUNK AND DECIDED TO MONKEY-DIVE!? Woah. But yeah, I was surrounded by greens. Trees, trees, more birds. Birds pooping, . And there were tiny butterflies (which were obviously calling out for me, I know it because I speak butterfly).

Sarah and Shiloh surveying the pool below.

See that annoying fuck in orange? That's the guy.

Lmao Shiloh just waded on the steps all day.

More photos are coming up! Sorry for not being eloquent today! I'm currently concentrating on convincing my mother but she keeps giving this condition: "call me pretty first."

And I'm not even joking. WHAT. SOCIETY DID THIS TO HER. LMFAO. I came from a derpy family.

Good afternoon south-east Asians and good morning/evening the rest of the world!

That's all for today! Tata.


  1. Anonymous23/5/12

    Lovely photos you got here!

  2. Who takes a bath before a swimming trip? I don't even take a shower before going to school when my first class is PE - swimming. HAHAHA.

    Lol, you're mom demands to be called pretty first? You're mom is not a regular mom, she's a cool mom! (Reference to Mean Girls movie here.) XD

  3. hahaha tawa ko. grabe yung caretaker niyang resort! tawa ko sa sagot mo sa kanya! hahahaha.

    tama si aencille! ang cool ng mom mo! :)

  4. Cool pictures! :)

    & Sounds like you had fun! I can't wait until my best friend comes down from Ohio. It will be the last time (for a while at least) that I will see her in MY home. :P

    My mom is just as weird. Don't worry about that! hahahah.

    Oh, & Why would anyone take a shower/bath before swimming? That is stupid! XD You are just going to have to take one after the trip anyway! XD
    Yeah, I want to open my own pet hotel. I'm about to post a blog that I've had sitting meaning to post but forgot about. :P It talks about it. Tell me what you think after you read it please!

    hehe. They all do! XD

  5. That looks yummy


    And yeah who takes a bath before swimming?
    Lol when I stayed at a resort, my bf and I just rolled out of bed, had breakfast and went to the pool after our breakfast nap LOL.

  6. Interesting photos again Rainy. :D I love the one with of the wall and the lamp. I love how you described the resort. Haha. I agree though, the spaghetti looks expensive. I didn't realize it was styrofoam at first until you mentioned it. :)

  7. THIS POST IS SO FUNNY. HAHAHAHA. Janitor, wae you acting like a doucheyyyy?
    Taking a bath before swimming? NO WAY. That's insane. lololololol.
    Your mom is smart. Call her pretty first before anything. HAHAHAHAHA.

  8. Nice photos! looks like you had fun!! :) (oh, that Domo bag looks cute, and the spaghetti looks yummy!!) Anyway, the caretaker is really rude. Since when a 3-in-1 coffee packet will affect the whole pool or will it hurt other people? :P I love your mom's condition! haha! I'm going to use that too. :P


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