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May 26, 2012

A Late Summer Day's Swim II

Hi guys! This is the second part! Before anything else, I want you to know that...


I was with Janine. More details plus photos will be posted... this June I guess.

I just made a new layout, too! Sooo, what do you think?

The top of my self-made halo-halo! To those who don't know, a halo-halo (literally "mixed") is a shaved ice treat with different toppings. Or in most cases... bottom-ings. Loool, when you buy one, vendors usually put the err toppingsbottomings at the bottom of the cup, for ease of mixing I guess. But if you order one at a restaurant, expect the toppings to sit on top of the could-be bleeding shaved ice and a grander glass. It looks so sexy btw.

You know kakigori? Yeah, something like that. (I LOVE RED BEAN-FLAVORED KAKIGORI OK, OMGGG ME GUSTA)

Everyone enjoying halo-halo! (I'm pronouncing halo-halo in this post as /heylow-heylow/ for the fun of it, so kindly ask the voice in your head to read it that way too). I want mine with fuck loads of purple yam. Yammy dude, yammy.

I hate pineapple juice. But I had no choice lol. See, the pool was waaaay below. I actually had a sudden vision of myself falling face down, hitting the concrete head-first, bits of skull flying everywhere for a few seconds and a pool of blood gurgling in my already-empty eye sockets. Wow. That must hurt, musn't it?

Troll weather changed it mind. I rejoiced, expecting drops of rain. But troll weather is troll, so the sun shone again.

This area was my favorite that day! THAT MINI ROOF... FULL OF TINY BUTTERFLIES. They just flutter flutter flutter around. But not long enough for me to snap a photo. I wish the digicam I used had a shutter speed setting though. In this shot, you could see one of 'em just above the leaves. If you can't see it, find the asterisk and it will lead you to it. It's an awfully blurry speck of floating white.


Oooops, it might not be accurate.

Pig-out time!

Pigging out. Pigging out. I don't eat liempo because I'm a picky eater and I hate fatty meat. I didn't get to eat much.... talk about unfair.

Another tantrum.

My improvised swimsuit. Improvised because well, this is the Philippines and if you go out to swim in some pool clubhouse/resort, 99% of the girls wear shirts. I SWEAR.

These days, most teens opt to wear something thin over their swimsuit bra.

I had no choice but to follow because I was with strangers and I might get ugly glances lol. Which was probably a good idea but I didn't think of that at the time. Poor me.

Sometimes it feels good to annoy people (those who aren't close to me of course).

I'm not imposing, though. It's just me... I'm a prankster and I do those stuffs mostly for the fun of it. I don't overdo it and I know where to place myself. So unless you're good at predicting reactions (I'm a type AB+ and AB people are allegedly good at it) and you have a lot of common sense, don't do it.

Leighton Meester is here btw! I HAVE TO KNOW HER SCHEDULE. I wish to see her too. Omg.

I think I'm gonna be busy next June. Not sure though. But I'll be away from the computer for a while so an apology in advance for my future late replies.

Have an annoying day you guys.

And I submitted the pink floral layout I used before, you can find it here so errr you could stop emailing me about it and download it yourself instead ;)


  1. Love the photos. I've heard of halo-halo but never saw or tried it. :( I'm jealous that Leighton Meester is there. You have to meet her!! Stalk her or something. Hahah. Just kidding. Don't do that. Lol

  2. omysmolderholder o:

  3. @Tiara you bet I will! LOL. but I can't ;__;


  4. Love your new layout- the colours are amazing.
    And the weather sounds so much like Singapore's! My geography teacher always said that Singapore is a wonderful place because it can be raining and being sunny at the same time at different places of the country haha but it can be annoying though. You can walk from one area to the next and it'll suddenly be sunny or rainy.

    And why do you hate pineapple juice! I love it. :-)

  5. OMG OMG You met Ian Somerhalder?? Where? WHY??? I wanna pictures now, I can't believe it! :D
    I only watch The Vampire Diaries because I find him so incredibly hot T_T omg I think I would faint maybe if I'd run into him on the street xD"

    I really like the pictures, they just look like an awesome chilly summer day.

  6. You saw Ian sexy Somerhalder? HOW WAS IT. ZOMGG. Rainyyyyyyyyyy.

    P.S - Your halo halo photos made me drooled :/ ugh.

  7. Ian. 0-0 That's all. Hahaha. I'm so looking forward to that post.

  8. I find that the best part of pork is the actual meat. Especially when deep fried.

    No comment in Ian Somerhalder, because everybody is going gaga over him to the point of ridiculousness. (Disclaimer: I'm not hating. I get the fuss. I just don't watch TVD, but I have seen Ian on Lost, in that work-related marathon session I did way back.)

  9. Wow, halo halo. Yes it is yummy indeed. Too bad 'nagsawa na ako'. My mom an I used to buy Halo-halo in Chowking everytime we go there but these past few days, I think I am hating its taste. Anyway, I like Banana con Yelo more. :)

  10. Anonymous29/5/12

    Your new design is super pretty! And I love reading what you write lol always so entertaining :D


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