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May 11, 2012

Drying colors

Hi guys, have you read my recent "review"? I sounded like a rambling Values teacher/crying baby elephant in that post. But in a way, I'm glad to have written my point, albeit a little too hazy for most people to understand.

OK lah I don't mind.

My nails are irking me right now because of their length. But I couldn't find a nail clipper anywhere so I just painted them with a vibrant shade of purple.

My half-naked nails. They may seem short to you but for me, they're uncomfy as hell. You see, I'm so used to having them trimmed to death since I was a kid. I'm a pianist and my teacher planted in my mind not to let them grow because it could affect the dynamics. And I'll get scolded. Lol. I don't know about other pianists, because some have long nails. Maybe my teacher back in the days was just very strict? So yeah, there goes my obsession with short, freshly-trimmed nails. I trim them every week.

Yeah my nails are small and narrow. I can't even do a proper nail art on 'em. I'm quite good at painting stuff and decorating other people's long and wide nails but when it comes to painting my own ones, I SMEAR POLISH EVERYWHERE. And even if I manage to do my left, my right would yield laughable results.

So yeah.

I'm very sleepy actually.

Why am I talking about my stupid nails, you ask?

BECAUSE MY NAILS TALK AND HUG EACH OTHER. They take other nails out to dinner and make baby nails with them. They like to eat/dance salsa, watch How I Met Your Mother and reblog Ian Somerhalder photosets on Tumblr.

That's it, I can't take it anymore.

Btw, thanks so much to harukixkisses46855 for the e-mail. Those words mean so much to me. Actually knowing that you read me already does, but getting a real e-mail out of the blue? Wow. Thank you so much. I only get e-mails from people who have questions regarding layouts, exchanges, codes, Photoshop, amateur photography, business offers, etc. BUT YOU, MY DEAR, WROTE WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO ME. *cries forever* Knowing that someone is actually reading me is enough to make me roll around singing Starships. You could've given me your name or URL though, just so I can thank you properly. Thank you.

Ok guys bye!


  1. How I miss those cute little fingers dancing around my grand piano. *sarcastic smile*

    Hmm, you could've written a better thank-you note to her by the way. :-P

  2. @Shawn *smacks Shawn* wei she me ne? I said I was sleepy, didn't I? Besides, I reply to her liao. Somemore no response yet ah.

  3. I wanna steal your nail polishes! I WUVVV THEIR COLORS. ZOMGGGG! so bright and soooo pretty :>
    Heeek! Me me me IZ Laughing at your 4th photo. PUAHAHAHAHA. I IZ JOKING! :P
    Oh, I thought you were holding a ball figurine until I saw the last photo. LOL.



  5. Anonymous11/5/12

    I can relate with your post! :) Short nails are my thing, as well~

    ...and I'm not that good at painting my nails either. xD

  6. I love you're new post about coloring your nails :)
    me too I've color my nails bluegreen because it's my fave. color
    that when school starts having painted nails is banned.!

    have a nice day..


  7. I am a frustrated pianist! When I started to learn playing, I've had those super long sexy nails. Then I figured I should cut them for me to play more efficiently.. Huhu it's a tough decision for me because I am so used to having long nails since I was in grade school. <3 Anyway, you should post some of your piano covers! I am inlove + envious of people who can play the piano really well! :)

  8. Short nails are not that bad. At least it's not ugly short nails. I love the color of the polish though. It looks pretty. I would paint my nails but I don't find it nice on my hands. I like the simple look of it. Lol

  9. Short nails are cute, but I like to keep mine long. Haven't had a manicure for so long. Better start going to the salon for one. Haha :)

  10. I have the same problem. Haha. I think that I have the smallest nails ever. Nail art makes me jealous and the fact that I can never have a proper one makes me frustrated. I wish I had pretty nails. :P

  11. your short nails are neat.lol,it takes practice to do both hands perfectly. :)) i used to mess up my right all the time. :D

  12. I use to paint my nails every week during summer vacation *insert freedom gif(?) Hehe. I use to have the nail polish all over my fingers, but it is easy to scalp it off on bare skin, so I have clean results still!

    Try orange sis. I really like my nails orange. Hehehe. :D

  13. I've never saw any of my friends with nail polish up close (well, except for maybe one but that's because we're really close together). Just a question. Izzit supposed to look that messy? >;3

  14. The color is cute on you :)

    I know what you mean though; I can't do my own nails either without it looking like a mess. It's so much easier to do someone else's nails.

  15. I haven't tried putting nail polish to other people except my boyfriend but I'm only using natural color on his nails. XD

    I'm a nail polish lover, I have tons of polish on a box. But I don't use them as much as I have to. Well I'm a girl I can't resist buying them. XD
    Btw I'm having my first blog giveaway, would you mind to join? :P

  16. cute pastel colors! :) i love buying nail polish too, but i end up not using them and they got stocked here at home lol! :3
    hope you're always well <3 xoxo


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