Rainy Martini

May 15, 2012

boring update

How do I start a post without greeting my readers or starting with "I" or any nonsense? Ok never mind because I just did. I spent my weekend running around like a headless chicken with my friends. As usual, we hung out in one of my friends' rooms and just ate, told stories and laughed a lot. We watched movies, too. I fall asleep at around 12 AM, which was groundbreaking because I usually sleep at 3. It was so fun omg. This is just a quick update.

Then, after lolling at Carle's house, Nel asked me to come with her mom, granma and sisters to celebrate Mother's Day by eating out. Went to an overrated Japanese restaurant. I ATE THREE SERVINGS OF RICE. Wow. First time ever! I can't remember finishing an extra ball of rice at McDonald's or whichever fast food we ate in.

We don't have much photos, please settle with what was posted above.

Kidding. As a matter of fact, we do. But I look stupid in ALL OF THEM. So I'm not going to post them here. I'm gonna publish a whole load of photos next time though. Gah, the sinkholes under my eyes are getting deeper and darker. I might scratch absentmindedly on one of them one day only to find a gaping hole.


Oh god the thought just gave me goosebumps and now my back feels itchy. I'm trypophobic by the way. And now I remember seeing a bunch of grapes and...

Ugggh I can't take the images of my head!! My skin is so prickly now wtf every hair on my skin is standing like soldiers in a flag ceremony.

To be honest I have no idea what to post next. And oh, if all goes well, I'm gonna participate to aday.org's project on May 15th. Google it if you want details, it involves photographing.

Good night!


  1. Three servings of rice? Whoah. That is a lot, sweetie. Lol. And I'm trypophobic too! Even the sight of beehives, its holes, makes me shudder. :|

  2. Call me crazy but tbh, that rice looks so much more delicious than my dessert. WTF! Give me! You had 3 serving already. Haha

  3. lemme guess that overrated japanese resto.Its Tokyo Tokyo isnt it? hahaha.

  4. @liz it was! I surprised myself eating that much. I guess I was just soo excited to be with my friends.


    @Krissa yeap ;)

  5. You must be hungry that time and maybe yer tongue likes the taste. Gimme gimme! I want Japanese foooooooooooood. Omg. Have you heard? 3 am is like the "d monsters" time. LOOOOOOOOOL. I'm trying to scare ya. boo! I have the same problem about my poor dark "bags". HUHUHUHU. Lezz dig a hole and bury our "deep and dark bags" foreverrrrrrrrrrrr!


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