Rainy Martini

December 15, 2011

ne dites jamais au revoir

Oh my god. When I found out Dippin' Dots filed for bankcruptcy about a month ago, I'd gone bananas. The alleged Ice Cream of the Future could slowly be the lolli of my past.

But no, they're not closing yet. Sigh, it's obvious what I'm trying to do here: take my mind off things, or thing. I've always adored ice cream and I believe this photo would cheer me up, if only I let it. I've been eating nonstop since yesterday, plate after plate after bowl after fucking bowl. I don't usually whine, but when I do it would go on for ages. My die-hard fan (lol Sushi) is gone gone.

I need a huge bowl of caramel cheesecake-flavoured ice cream, or that choco-vanilla-banana shake my friend Nel introduced me to. It tastes like heaven to be honest. It could be better than heaven, though. I mean, I won't know, will I?

I'll be fine in a few days I guess. I cried all day when I saw Sushi's empty food bowl and the milk he never got to finish.

Ice cream, dude. Ice cream.

I swear this is the last time I'll moan about my pet's death. I'm sorry for being whiny, I just can't help it. I can't cry in front of my family because I never show them any tears. So yeah.

As the saying goes, "when life gives you lemons... make a lemonade."

But no, no, I won't make any stupid lemonade. Lemons make better partners with tequila. O...k, it's not like I enjoy tequila. But oh well.


  1. I like the last part of this post.. I love Dippin Dots but seriously? Dippiin Dots is like my Ice shave of the future -.-

  2. What? Oh my! They're my favorite stuff to munch whenever I'm in Manila. How depressing it is :(
    Anyway, when you say lemonade, I didn't realize you mean it literally. HAHA! nice one :D

  3. that's how I felt when they closed down Borders ;__;

  4. the photos, in my opinion, are not of Rainy Martini photography standards.

  5. @Riri Comment too harsh? Little Xiaoyan must've used a digicam with flash on a really low light.

  6. @Shawn aha! saying that cos you still love her no?



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