Rainy Martini

December 01, 2011


x x x

All hail the season of gifts and love and twinkly lights that choke my Christmas tree.

But but... I wasn't expecting the rough days to end within the span of December. It will be a gateway to more flood of tears and frustrations. Well, it'd be a little over two more months before 2011 ends. Hopefully the year of the Dragon would be hot.

And let's not forget about Christmas! Oh god why am I such a negative-thinker!? Maybe it doesn't do any good at all. Yes, it does spare me from disappointments. But still.

Leap of faith; that's what I need...

...and a really sweet steaming cup of hot cocoa every night.


  1. Happy December babe. Time flies that I don't realize its almost the end of the 2011 already.

    Anxious for Christmas huh? :)
    Yeah a good cup of hot cocoa every night would be really nice.

  2. @Tqa Yeah. My Christmases are always sad as fuck. That's why ;__;

  3. Xiaoyan emo much lah.

  4. think positive :) let's keep up the hope that december will be good to us and so is 2012 :)

  5. 'Tis the season to be jolly! :) Forget your troubles for a while and be positive! Happy December :)

  6. Yup yup. December will surely be great!


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