Rainy Martini

November 03, 2011

souvenirs d'enfance

The first photo was taken from when I was 5. Before or after trick-or-treating, I can't be sure. For all I know there's a nyummy-lookin' dome of Chupa Chups and a vintage-looking SLR camera on the center table. And yeah, I always show up as a pumpkin stuffing during Halloween. I dunno, maybe because I like eating squash and it was practically the only vegetable I used to eat. Save for potatoes and corn.

Don't ask me why because I'm not sure why I was wearing an over-sized kimono either. I mean, I'm Chinese lol. Was it during one of my childhood friends' birthday party? A tea party? If it was a tea party, why wasn't I wearing a cheonsam? Oh well, it was an occasion all right and there was a gorgeous ice sculpture behind me in all its blazing glory. If ices can uh, blaze.

Today I turn eighteen, and reaching such age—no matter how cliché—is both a gift and a curse. They're together like Yin and Yang. I am officially, legally an adult now; an adult, a new label I'm being forced to wear. I won't get to wear it like a shirt though. It's not something you peel off your body when it gets soiled. Being an adult means... well, I dunno. I just turned into one a few hours ago.

It's a tattoo. I have it on my skin, and I can have it on my tongue (not to mention my piddly diddly parts) (like, my tummy, wait what were you thinking!?). It's something I'll wear for the rest of my life. It's not necessarily a brand or a label, but the word gives a whole new nuance to my existence. I don't know, to be honest.

I showed you a slice of my childhood. I can't believe I can now officially take on what the song Fireflies (Owl City) really means.


  1. Ohai thar Birthday girl. No, scratch that.

    Ohai thar ADULT. ;))

    Happy birthday bby ♥ *Smooches and hugsies*


    I'M NOT AN ADULT!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Xiaoyan!! (for the 90th time)

    I love your childhood home.

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  5. *singing Happy Birthday song*

    Happy 18th Birthday babe!
    My lil sister is officially an adolescent now!

    May God bless your life with joy and happiness bby <3

  6. thank you tqa! *giggles*

  7. Happy Happy Birthday
    I had those feelings too when I turned 18 in May

    You were a cute little kid :)

  8. Happy 18th birthday! :) omg, being 18 is really cool! I had the same feeling when I was about to turn 18! :P I even worried a lot about my future since I not a minor anymore. :P

  9. thank you for greeting me! :3

  10. happy bday. Anyway, i hope that you can join my $50.00 shopbop gift card giveaway


    That ice sculpture in the 2nd picture is awesome! Cute kid pictures. Hehe.

  12. Wow. Thanks for making me feel old. I'm already 23 -_- Hahaha I can't believe that when I was 18 years old (that's 5 years ago OMG) I felt that I was an adult and now that i'm 23, i'm feeling much much older now. Oh well haha. Time really does fly!

    Belated happy birthday, btw!

  13. Thank you so much for greeting me guys!


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