Rainy Martini

November 20, 2011

quand je lève les yeux...

When I look up, I don't see the sky immediately...

The view would be instantly obscured by leaves and clouds and life-threatening amount of dust hovering mid-air. Not to mention the cruel rays of the bright, legendary ball. Then beyond what seemed like everything, there, stretched like a lover's arm waiting for an embrace, goes the sky. My sky. My never-ending breadth of blue. Albeit, I've never been a color-blue person. I dislike the color so much the only blue clothing I've got is my track uniform. I used to be a varsity athlete during my junior year, and although our team is called the Golden Phoenix, that didn't stop our coach from picking the color in question.


  1. Anonymous20/11/11

    HEY that photo was taken using NIKON!

  2. So what lol. Just because I'm a Canonian doesn't mean I can't use Nikon. There are no restrictions, as far as I know.

  3. It. Was. Not. Me.

  4. Shawn I don't believe you. :P

  5. twasn't me too ok?

  6. Anonymous20/11/11

    It wasn't me either.

  7. I don't have anything blue either. The only thing I own in blue is the shirt use when i have nothing to wear to bed. lol
    Even my sport-house is red. I don't know why of all the school i've been to, I'm only chosen in for the red house team.

  8. Lovely picture. And I hate the color blue as well. It used to be my number one favorite color when I was in elementary, then I got sick of it, now I despised it so much I hate putting anything with the color blue on myself.

    Take care! :)

  9. I used to like blue when I was so much younger. I've gotten tired of it though, and started liking pink instead. Haha!

    Your posts are really expressive :)

  10. I love that color! Baby blue is my favorite heehee. Nice photo and I love how you put your caption to match it :)


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