Rainy Martini

November 06, 2011


A butterfly flew inside our home. Sushi, my puppy, wasn't very keen on seeing the flimsy flyer. He kept barking at it though it sounded gay and his voice cracked every time. It fluttered around for a few minutes until it circled back to the window. It was shut, unfortunately for the flutter-by. It probably thought "WTF I'm stuck. I freeze now lah," and pretended to not exist for half an hour so I decided to take some photos.

I touched the butterfly! Remember the time when they were warning us about the dust on their wings because it could cause blindness? Those days are gone--for me. Hell, I touched the butterfly.

I happened to be playing Cooking Mama on my brother's Nintendo DSi--it was the only camera available--so the photos are portrayed on grayscale. The quality sucks.

Oh, don't worry, I opened the window to set it free.


  1. Haha, that's what my dog does too whenever she sees strange things. Nice photos (it wasn't that bad on grayscale) =))

  2. I used to have a cat that can't see a small strang moving object. It started to make weird noises (sometimes it sounds like it was begging me to take it down if its lizard or butterflies) then chase it and bite it to death. =_=!

    Anyway i think the picture is fine. A little lomo-ish effect.
    Omg, rainy touch the butterfly! Run for your eyes!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

  3. the shots are extremely lovely :)

    the butterly too! i wish i can see a butterfly at my home too

    followed you love :) btw, care to exchange links :D

  4. @Michael hihi because I processed it. it was irritating in full colors. thanks.

  5. @Tqa oh lolol. I love those kind of pets. did your cat eat his killings btw?

  6. Good thing you didn't eat the poor creature.

  7. @Shawn wtf. =)) where you been ah? wae you no tweet anymore!?

  8. Yup my cat eat it afterward, eww!

  9. I really love the way you take pictures :) the black and white effect, I found it powerful.


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