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November 17, 2011

Je veux le livre de Fifi Lapin!

Before I begin this lustful post, I want you to know that the images are from likklegirl, fifi-lapin and afeminada. Now that I've credited the owners, I can now commence.

If you don't know Fifi yet, surely you can't not have seen an image of her somewhere. She's on tumblr, on people's blog layouts, on weheartit, on flickr. She's everywhere, the unforgettable fashion bunny who tells people what to wear because it's awesome.

To cut things (and silk laces) short, Fifi is the style bunny you might wanna consult if you have severe wardrobe malfunction. I'm not a fashionista myself, but I can't help but love her art.

Fifi's bio:
Hi, I'm Fifi Lapin... I was born one of 257 brothers and sisters but sadly there was an outbreak of myxomatosis when I was just one year old... I was the only one that survived. My parents are therefore incredibly protective of me and spoil me rotten. I'm an hare-ss to my fathers fortune which he made playing fast and loose with carrot and lettuce shares on the international stock market. There are a lot of rabbits out there eating carrots and lettuce so I guess he just struck gold (or orange you might say). Some people think I’m just a socialite but I think there is more to me than just an extremely stylish clotheshorse!

I should stop beating around the bush...

It's partly because I can follow her divine fashion, and make-up advice with devotion.

But the larger part was... I want to take photos of her pages. They're just so chic and the art... très beau!

Grace Escudero of theafeminada.com wrote,

This book chronicles how Lapin chooses different outfits for different events. Events include fashion shows, date nights and convincing your father not to take away your credit card (pay good attention to the last one). In each Chapter, Lapin tries on several outfits, states why she likes them, how they can be improved and so forth. Near the end of each chapter she comes to the conclusion that she is too indecisive, so she enlists the help of prominent fashion designers such as Anna Sui. Lapin interviews the designers then asks them to choose an outfit for her from their collections.

And look, it has a Korean and Chinese version too!!

I can't believe I want it so badly I blogged about it.


  1. I can't believe you've been wanting this for a while and you just blogged about it.

  2. @Irina IKR. I hate not having paypal. I want one!!!

  3. Anonymous17/11/11

    did you enhance the photos?

  4. Anonymous17/11/11

    @Anon Yeap.


  5. Look who's talking.

  6. You were the first one who posted a comment anonymously!

  7. Anonymous17/11/11

    But it wasn't me I swear!!

  8. wow that looks cool :) i loled at the hare-ress part xD haha

  9. I thought you have it already..
    I wanna grab it by this month. Gonna persuade my dad to buy it for me. lol
    I think I'm a big fan of Fifi Lapin now thanks you...
    Love <3!

  10. @tqa ooh you really should omggg. take some photos when you do okay? it's really chic and sophisticated i can't even

  11. Oh will do. I will definitely blog about it once I get my hands on that beauty.. I wish it doesn't sold out.

  12. Such a gorgeous book, I can see why you want it!

    x The Pretty Secrets


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