Rainy Martini

October 08, 2011

pieds heureux... non!

My favorite pair of Havaianas. Bought it two years ago and I still have them. They're yellow.

The thing is, I'm that kind of person. I don't really like changing routines (albeit I change my blog layout almost every week... but that does not count, does it?). Like, when I keep things, I only put my stuff in the same place and I never, never place them anywhere else until I get tired of it. Which takes months or even years. I don't know what lead me to that kind of behavior, I'm a pack rat and I always hold on to the stuff I love for dear life.

It may well be caused by sudden err... deaths. Come on, seriously. I hate it when someone I know dies. No, not hate I think, it's a feeling colder and purer than that; like a blue iceberg refusing to melt after all those years.

(and speaking of iceberg... ohai ice cream!)

In case you're wondering why the innocent-looking pair of yellow* sandals had piqued me into talking about death: the photo was taken in the cemetery.

PS, I still haven't gotten over my pet's sudden death. And Sushi (my surviving puppy) has not either. He hasn't been eating for days and it kind of worries me too†. I think we'll always remember the member who had been dismembered on September..... *drifts off* *clears throat*

I think we'll always remember the most obedient alpha puppy I had ever had. (Sushi is just the laziest.)

* I know it's pretending not to be yellow in the photo.
† Like hell I care Sushi, you're already bloated. And I know who ate my mini Milky Way bar. Don't you know it's poisonous? You might have done it on purpose for all I know. (I sound like I don't about him at all because... he can't read. Meaning he won't know about this.)

Bwahahahahaha. I'm insane. Bye bye.


  1. Ma belle, you changing your layout is one of your routines. Simply put, nothing is changing there ;))

    R.I.P Kimbap :(

  2. Mon Amour,
    LMAOO I never realized that! YOU'RE RIGHT HAHAHA. <3

  3. Anonymous8/10/11

    You're just the weirdest! :D

  4. Yellow sandals pretending not to be yellow. I couldn't agree more. And shame on your pet for stealing your milky way bar! It's against the law. It's unacceptable!! LOL. And yeah, sorry to hear about your pet who passed away. Sushi should be more careful next time. Stealing chocolates from your owner is very dangerous.

  5. Haha. Okay now this blog post is funny and weird, in a good way. :))

    The Havaianas surely are trying to hide their yellow-ness. Lol. And it isn't really that obvious that it is taken in a cemetery.

    Love this layout of yours. Don't change it anymore. :)) I think it is becoming a habit of yours.

  6. Sorry to hear about your pet..
    I love how you named your pets after a korean delicacy..

  7. aww. My your pet rest in peace. :( It's kinda cool to change layouts every now and then. I love tweaking my new layout, just to fit my "blog standards" :P


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