Rainy Martini

October 30, 2011

livre gros et angoissant

His surname serves his reputation well. In my opinion, Stephen King is king of one of the horror-and-thriller-themed kingdoms in the planet where only authors exist.

This short and fat book is actually his first short story collection since Skeleton Crew. Oh, that information came from Google. Been reading this for a while, since tomorrow would be the day for the alleged zombies and witches to come back to life, I'd decided to snap photos of it and post it, ta-da!, here. Oh, you should really read it.

My favorites are Suffer the Little Children, Chattery Teeth, Sneakers and that story about the two brothers who discovered something called The Calmative. I forgot the title of that piece, I'm so sorry.

Suffer the Little Children is creepy. Have a happy halloween, and good luck to your loot bags if you're going out trick-or-treating. One more reminder, don't read Stephen King before going out tonight. Just saying.


  1. Xiaoyan your birthday on Thursday oh my God! I sent you a parcel from the place of your dreams. AND a Mr. Simple album with Siwon on it! I love you.


    SIWON!?????? /DIES


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