Rainy Martini

October 19, 2011

le fait de se soûler?

New layout. I wanted to make it appropriate for the season but I'm in a great hurry. Stuck with a painfully simple layout instead.

I was browsing through my brother's "from iPhone" folder in his laptop when I found these...

Oooh ze bar. I think they were taken during his friend's 18th birthday party. Awesome venue. The last time I'd been in one was about a year ago. When I was 16. The first time I went inside one? 15 years of age, I was with my party girl of a mother, brother, and his girl friends. And now I'm turning 18, I can't even go near one. Ironic. Huff.

I can't help but add that three nights ago I got so tipsy while playing cards I laughed my head off the whole time. It was Kate's big sister's birthday. Nel and I stayed there for two nights. Trust me, I didn't want to go home but... oh well.

PS, I know it's confusing. I mean, I said the last time I went to a bar was when I was 16. My birthday's falls on November so...


  1. where's the third photo!? you shouldn't have kept it hahaha! show it to us lol.

  2. wow i'm 21 and i've never been in a bar before. well i guess i just don't like places like taht.. Adavnce happy birhtday! :)

  3. OMG, you are so me!
    I went to my first night club when I was 17 but now I'm 20 I can't go near any of it.
    Not because I can't but because I don't want to.
    Maybe we realize the older we get, the more responsible we had to be.

  4. Light photos are your forte I think. Not to mention macro. You're good at this I wish you had your old camera with you.

  5. Oh LOLJK the photos are from your brother's. You're awesome at light shots nonetheless. Want a 1D for your birthday? Ask Siwon. Lol.

    Sorry for the spam! And baobei: xiaon zhaogu

  6. oh, bars. Me and my friends go on those kind of places too, just to relax and unwind after a very stressful day at school. :P But I only go there with my friends that I trust. haha. just to be safe. :P

  7. nice new layout hehe ~


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