Rainy Martini

October 15, 2011

le chiot bête

This is my twelfth post and I think it's about time I introduce my (surviving) pet to you. Meet my ginormous Sushi! Loljk. He's only a few centimetres taller than an average chihuahua. I can pretty much tell you he's in much better shape this past few days. He was so depressed and hadn't been eating lately because Kimbap (his sibling) died. He didn't even play! Before Kimbap's death, Sushi has always been the first one to greet me every morning, then I will cower down on the floor and he would attack my pretend-terrified face. He's the loafer. Most days when I call out to him he'll just glance at my direction and run the other way. What. The. Heavens.

And when I refuse to put his bowl down during meal times he'd roll on his back and wag his arms, as if craving for a tummy rub. Once I'd succumbed in his puppy-ish charms he'd claw my arms and let out an annoying whine. Haha.

Kimbap's different. Unlike lazytail Sushi, he's obedient, attentive and very active.

Sorry for the crappy shots. They were taken using Nintendo DSi.


  1. I can't eat my Sushi peacefully ever since I met your quirky puppy!! Can't you think of a better name!? Sushi's a fine name all right... but I can't fcking eat well. lol.

  2. @shawn and you. ever since I knew you (which was like forever ago) I can't say words like "nation" "reduction" and other -tions WITHOUT REMEMBERING YOU. gay lord :P

  3. both o' you are gay royalty >:)

  4. with shawn being the sole gay king

  5. Aww, your puppy looks so adorable. I'm sorry Kimbap died. :( It's horrible to lose a pet. Thinking back I really miss my own dog - she died of old age a few years back.

    And I think you're an animal lover and I've just written a new blog entry on animal abuse, if you're interested! :)

  6. aw, your puppy is so cute! and that is so sad about his sibling...what happened to kimbap if I may ask? How did it happen? :(


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