Rainy Martini

October 11, 2011

belle journée

Basically, it's an hour after midnight. So how are we to know that today is in fact a beautiful, beautiful day? The sun isn't even ready to face us. I guess you should give it more time.

I wasn't really intending to post, but I aimlessly produced a graphic unworthy of a second glance. And plain as it is there should something I should do about it. So I'm putting it here; this is a great opportunity to rant about nothing, too.

I've read through my previous posts. They're all... I don't know. It's like the writer did not think at all. I wish I could take it more seriously. But I'm eternally drowsy due to lack of sleep. At this rate, you won't juice out a nice post from me so I guess you should just bear with it. I'll try to sound worthy next time.

But hey, it could be an enthralling day for us today. This day could end up unforgotten in your diaries forever provided you do something productive. Like getting water-gunned mercilessly by your garden sprinklers. Or having your lazy pet gnaw at your favorite purple lacy bra.

I'm running out of wit because there's this sweet and creepy song playing in my head. It just won't stop. Makes me think of broken marionette and... circus. The way the instruments were arranged; creepy. Called Goodbye Valentine by Maybee. I'm not telling you to give it a try though.

(credit: weheartit)


  1. The upper left part is kind of fail. LMFAO. Due to neglect, right? You seldom go online on skype anymore.

  2. You'll find your voice again.

  3. LOLJK. That's what Shawn would've said. But not me. I wish you all the worst my sweetheart.

    Btw I took care of that jerk. Heh. Love ya.

    PS, looking forward to your letter. Lol.

  4. yeah haha, i didn't realize it when i was working on it. haha. stupe!

    love ya too and jsyk you are the one who don't go skype anymore

  5. I love the quote in the picture! :)
    Anyhow, there are some points in our "blogging life" that we post not-so-good blog entries, but as long as you feel good after creating that post, that totally ok. :) it's good to be random sometimes, it shoes the real you, this time, through your blog posts. :)


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